Madison Kendrick: Welcome to New York

Madison Kendrick is a junior marketing major from Atlanta, GA. I have known Madison for a few years now and if there is one thing I know about her, it’s that she LOVES New York. This semester, Madison is participating in Belmont East and, despite her busy schedule, was kind enough to share some of the awesome things she’s been doing in the Big Apple and left some advice for anyone who is thinking about participating in Belmont East. Check out what Madison has been up to below!

What made you decide to participate in Belmont East?

I originally wanted to go to school in NYC, but then Belmont stole my heart. Luckily, Belmont had this awesome program and I knew since the minute I toured the school that I was going to attend!

(Pictured: Madison at One World Observatory on a class excursion)

What is an average day like for you?

I intern all day Monday through Thursdays so the weeks are pretty packed for me. At night, I usually have to do homework for my online classes, but when I’m not, I try to fit in a workout. Sometimes, I’ll have something really fun planned, like going to a taping of Stephen Colbert or Trevor Noah, or even just a nice dinner in Little Italy with friends!

Where are you interning?

Viacom (they own MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, BET, etc.) in their International Communications department!

(Pictured: Madison working at an MTV event with 2 other Viacom interns)

Have you faced any challenges since arriving in NYC?

Luckily my transition from Nashville to NYC was super smooth. I have always loved NYC and urban environments in general, so I feel really blessed that I acclimated so well because I know that is not the case for everyone. I would say the only challenging part about living in this city is the lack of alone time - probably because I live in a triple dorm room. I love being around lots of people, but sometimes I just need 30 minutes of silence to rejuvenate which is not something I have received often; BUT I figure it is the price I pay for living in the city that never sleeps!

What has been your favorite part about living in New York?

Oh gosh! People have been asking me this question and I never know how to answer simply because there are SO many things I love about this city. I would say generally, my favorite part about living in NYC is the abundance of opportunity. I’m a busy bee type, aka I love being on the move wherever I go so NYC has been perfect for me. There is always something to do. If you’re bored in this city, you’re doing it wrong. Also, surprisingly, the people here are some of the nicest and most supportive people I have met which definitely goes against any of stereotype. NYC has filled my cup in so many ways and I am endlessly grateful.

Have you seen any cool shows? Any cool people?

Oh yes! I've seen Once On This Island, Dear Evan Hansen, and SpongeBob: The Musical (don't be mislead...this was SO good!!) on Broadway! I also went to see Lana Del Rey in New Jersey and just last weekend I saw John Mulaney at Radio City Music Hall. Oh, and I can't forget about SNL! Waking up at 4am was WORTH IT! It's so crazy that I've done all of this in a little over a month! 

(Pictured: Madison after a fun time at SNL)

What is your favorite place in New York?

My favorite place in New York would honestly be the neighborhood we are staying in - Brooklyn Heights. It's just one stop into Brooklyn, but it is such a great escape from the craziness of Manhattan. It's super residential so lots of babies and dogs, aka the only thing I need in life. 

What would you say to people considering Belmont East?

DO IT! Although I have only been here for a month and a half, it has been such a transformational experience, both professionally and personally. I think I have definitely become a more confident and independent person, mainly because you can't live in NYC without having those two qualities. Our teachers have taken us on a bunch of fun excursions with our class like One World Trade Center, a Brooklyn Nets basketball game, and a tour of NBC Studios next month. Belmont East has been nothing short of an amazing experience, and although I do love Belmont, I'm already not looking forward to leaving this place that I have already started to call home!


Photo Credit: Madison Kendrick

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