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This past November I went to the Louisville Superon. It was the first time I had ever gone to a comic book anime type of convention. I was always curious about conventions, but there had never been one in my area growing up. I drove three hours to Louisville to stay with another friend of mine who lived in the area. We planned this trip for months, and I even decided to get a cosplay costume to have the full convention experience. We planned who we wanted to see and what we wanted to do. I saved up quite a bit of money because there were some some voice actors and celebrities that I wanted to see.

Some of the celebrities included: LeVar Burton from Reading Rainbow, Ralph Macchio from The Karate Kid, Vic Mignogna an anime voice actor, Henry Winkler from Happy Days, Zach Callison from Steven Universe, Lindsay Jones and Michael Jones from Rooster Teeth, Brittney Karbowski an anime voice actor, J. Michael Tatum an anime voice actor, William Shatner from Star Trek, Monica Rial, an anime voice actor, as well as many prominent cosplayers, comic artists, wrestlers, and costumers.

The first day was an overload of senses. There was several artist shops all around the convention floor. There were different types of food carts around the area. There were celebrities with booths lined up side by side of each other. All my favorite celebrities all in one area. There were all sorts of people and costumes walking around. The maid cafe workers were running around playing with the visitors. There were several RWBY characters walking around. I even saw a giant Godzilla costume, a full length ball gown Belle, a giant inflatable Pikachu. There was a Natsu and several Lucy’s. The amount of costumes were endless. I ended up wearing an anime inspired t-shirt on my first because I wasn’t sure what to do on my first day. I ended up seeing a majority of my favorite celebrities on the first day since the line was so short. Then we ended up going to several panels involving some celebrities we knew. It was quite fun listening to people talk and interact with the fans.

The second day, I decided to be brave and try and cosplay. My friend helped me put it on. I decided to dress up as Ruby Rose from RWBY. That was a different experience all together because day two was so much more crowded and busier than day one. I could have sat down and just watched people all day long. So many different people were around and different cosplayers were hanging out.  I even got my picture taken a few times. There was a gaming room where people were playing D&D and other types of video or board games. There were many panels on that day as well. There was a cat cafe booth where they had actual kitties that people could pet. There were artists that would make custom art for you and authors that would sign their books that they had published. I also had a few photo opts done with some actors. There were all types of shows going on. There were so many things going on. It was hard to pick and choose. Plus talking and listening to other people who were from the area or traveled was a cool experience.

On the third day I pretty much listened to a few panels before leaving to a three hour drive back to Nashville. I was an overall amazing trip that I would completely do again. In fact there are tickets on sale right now to the event next November 2019. Anyone who is interested or curious about this type of event show go and see what it’s like. I highly encourage anyone to go and just have fun!

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I'm a Senior Motion Pictures Major Video Production Minor from Belmont University. I'm also the President of SPEW at BU (The Harry Potter Alliance), the Initiation Committee for Omicron Delta Kappa, a member of Alpha Gamma Delta, and a member of Board Game Society. I'm also a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant. I love to read, paint, and dance. I'm creative, determined, and excited!!!