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Long Distance Relationship Tips (from his perspective)


We always here about long distance tips from the girl’s perspective, but what about the guys? Here are some tips from my boyfriend’s point of view that help keep our long distance relationship easier and  keep our relationship stronger. If they work for us, they can hopefully work for you as well! 

  1. Communication – It helps to know what’s going on. It helps to know what the other person is up to during the day, and it helps with trust. Communication gives a sense of still feeling close. Talking everyday helps you continue to stay close and not drift apart from each other. Communication also helps with knowing what the other person is feeling, and not being afraid to bring up questions or concerns when they arise.

  2. Trust – You absolutely cannot do long distance relationship without full trust. You can’t worry about jealousy a lot. It’s natural to be jealous, but you can’t think about that 24/7, especially in a long distance relationship. You need to know that they love you and you love them, and you need to know that none of the small stuff is going to matter.

  3. Facetime – With modern technology, you should use the *heck out of Facetime or Skype. It helps being able to see their face.

  4. Keep The Honeymoon Stage Going – A couple times a week, you should be a little bit more lovey-dovey and meaningful, which helps with keeping the honeymoon stage longer. This is important in long distance relationships because it is easy to miss that when you are away from each other. Basically, you no matter how comfortable you get with each other, never stop making an effort to be sweet. Yes, the honeymoon stage does end, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep making new connections and keep things exciting.

  5. Plan Trips To See Each Other – plan scheduled dates so you can look forward to seeing each other.

  6. Be Positive – Try to stay as positive as possible. Don’t let the longing feeling affect the relationship in a negative way. Talking to a positive person at the end of a long day can always make things better as well.

  7. Finish Arguments – instead of repressing feelings of anger, talk them out like mature adults and come to a conclusion. This way helps there to be less hard feelings. Also, when you argue, try not to let emotions carry the argument. Try to clearly understand both sides of the argument, and don’t make the other person feel lesser because of their beliefs or sides of the argument.


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Jordan is a double major in entrepreneurship and economics at Belmont University. She is a Nashville native who loves exploring the coffee shops in Nashville. She is also a singer-songwriter who enjoys playing at venues around town . Her favorite pastimes include making music with friends, vlogging, yoga, traveling, videography, and writing.
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