Little Ways to Thank Your Roommate for Being Awesome

We’re transitioning from spooky month to turkey month, which means that along with amazing food there's a celebration of thankfulness for friends and family. As a college student, there's a lot of people to be thankful for: professors, friends, RA's, SLA's, advisors, but none more so than roommates. By now, your roommate has probably seen you at your best and at your worst (midterms aren’t kind on anyone) and has put up with all of your weird habits, quirks, and idiosyncrasies. Now’s a good opportunity to show your roommate your thankfulness, so here are some small ways to show your roommate how grateful you are that they haven’t kicked you out.

  1. If you don’t already, wake up before your roommate one morning and leave little inspirational notes around the room. For example, if you know your roomie has a big test coming up, leave inspirational sticky notes on the mirror, the door, and the fridge to surprise her.

  2. If she's studying late one night, make some snacks for the two of you so you can power through your homework.

  3. Get a cute, inexpensive mug and fill it with your roomie’s favorite candy.

  4. Have a movie night. Break out the fuzzy pajamas and popcorn and watch a few movies together. You could each choose one of your favorite movies that the other hasn’t seen yet.

  5. With hectic college student schedules, some things can be neglected (like the cleanliness of your room). One day, clean your dorm room so your roomie has a nice surprise when they come back.

  6. Grab your roomie’s favorite food for her one day to have a break from the caf.

  7. Take her out for ice cream after a long day of class. 

  8. Get matching socks or slippers for the two of you to shuffle around the room in as a symbol of your roomieship.

  9. Belmont is blessed with a variety of local coffee places. Buy your roomie her favorite coffee and chat or have a study session fueled by the caffeine.

  10. Get festive and surprise your roomie by decorating the room while she's out of the room. Grab some flowers to brighten up the room or find some cute lights to hang up.

  11. Go out on an adventure together. Check out a park, go hiking, find a new favorite restaurant, or go shopping.

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