Kitty Tips: Keeping a Cat in Your Apartment

When I moved into my first apartment, it was a struggle to get my cat, Marnie, to transition from living at my parents’ house into my smaller space. Here are a few things I have learned along the way to keep her healthy, entertained, and happy!

1. You can’t expand the square footage of your apartment, but you can work upward. Look at towers and cat shelves/floating beds that can be easily placed against or into a wall where your cat can play and find privacy when they need it. 

2. Cord protectors are a must if you want to keep your cat safe in an apartment. They get bored easily, and if they want to act out, they may hurt themselves by chewing on electrical cords. These can be found on Amazon for around $25. 

3. Make sure your cat has plenty of toys, and schedule play time into your normal routine. If they can’t run around as much as they’d like, they still need to maintain an active lifestyle to avoid weight gain and irritability. If you set back four dollars per month, you can get your cat one new toy or two small toys. I keep mine in a little container so I can switch them out and my cat never gets bored!

4. Kitty still being bad? Try something with pheromone treatment. Whether it be a collar, a plug-in diffuser, or a spray, these treatments can relieve your cat of stress or anxiety. My personal favorite is what I like to call “no-no spray”, which is actually Behavior Correction Spray found at PetSmart. 


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