Kalie Shorr's 'Awake' is Just What Country Music Needed

Kalie Shorr’s 3rd EP titled “Awake” was released January 26th featuring 7 new songs including the first single from the collection - “Two Hands”.  

To celebrate the release Kalie hosted her first release party at The Back Corner in Nashville. At the party she performed each track from the EP in its entirety and even performed her break out single “Fight Like A Girl” to celebrate just how far she’s come.

Upon entering the stage Kalie’s eyes filled with tears that she continued to fight through her whole set but successfully kept it together throughout the night. The venue was full to capacity of fans and friends alike including many of Kalie’s fellow Song Suffragettes - female songwriters that perform in the series of the same name every Monday night at the Listening Room Cafe.

Following the performance she debuted her new music video for her single “Two Hands” and stayed after to greet every person she could at the party, signing autographs and taking pictures.

During her performance Kalie made sure to let everyone know just how thankful she was for their love and support during her career, expressing that these are the songs she is most proud of, that she has worked the hardest on. She declared just how cool it is to get to create music for a living and do what she gets to do as a job.

One track on the EP holds a special place in Kalie’s heart. She said that “Backseat” is the most personal song that she’s ever written. She expressed that vulnerability is what she has always loved about country music, saying that songs like “Jolene” by Dolly Parton and “Traveling soldier” by the Dixie Chicks are songs that made her love country music and that with “Backseat” she feels she has finally learned to communicate vulnerability. The song is about her parents divorce and how it affected her childhood. The one constant she could find in everything that was going on around her is that she got to choose whatever song she wanted to listen to back and forth between her parent’s house.

Kalie coined the phrase “pop punk country” in a tweet describing her EP and I truly believe that it is the perfect description of what she has to offer. Each track is incredibly different yet somehow it works as a coherent piece of art. She has successfully stayed true to her 90’s baby roots and created something that I am sure will catch everyone's attention.

Kalie is currently out on CMT’s Next Women of Country tour with Sara Evans and Raelynn. You can find tour dates as well as the new video for “Two Hands” at CMT.com 

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