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Kacey Musgraves is Making Waves in the Music Industry

Kacey Musgraves released her third studio album on March 30th. The project was entitled “Golden Hour” and features 13 brand new songs. Kacey preceded the albums release by dropping the singles Butterflies and Space Cowboy a couple weeks prior to the album drop. Kacey is quickly making waves in the music industry with her current project, already climbing to number two on Billboard’s list of top female artists.

“Golden Hour” could best be described as somewhere between country, pop, and techno music. Kacey has said that she wanted to take all the traditional elements of country music that she has grown up loving and combine them with other elements to make something new. As a result of that there is often heavy use of traditional country instruments such as acoustic guitar and banjo, combined with pop beats, cheerful piano lines, and voice effects to create what is quickly becoming Kacey’s signature style. The heart wrenching lyrics and catchy melodies can easily reel in any listener.

Kacey is quickly making such a dramatic impact in the music world because of her unique combination of all of these elements. “Golden Hour” currently sits at number four on the Billboard album charts and number 10 on the Itunes charts because of the appeal to all genres she has created.

Some of the albums highlights include High Horse, which is easily the albums catchiest tune. It has a modern beat, a retro feel, and the sassiest lyrics on the project. Velvet Elvis is one of my personal favorites because of its unique tagline and its signature Kacey feel. The somber highlight of the album is Happy & Sad which I feel describes an emotion we have all felt at some point in our lives, when both joy and sadness overwhelm a situation and you can’t quite put a label on exactly what you’re feeling.

Whatever your music taste is I’m sure that everyone can find at least one track on this album that they can relate to lyrically or appreciate musically. Kacey has something to offer every musical taste and has done it all while staying to true to herself.

Kacey will be on tour with Harry Styles throughout the summer. You can check out her music, tour dates and much more on her website.

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