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Inside the Major: Nursing

As a new profile series coming to Her Campus Belmont, you are going to get a look into some of the majors that Belmont offers, as well as the most important classes, and advice for each major from a student in that major! First in the “Inside the Major” series is Kate Monnett, a senior nursing major at Belmont graduating in December of 2019!


Image of/from: Kate Monnett

1. What is your major (and minor if you have one)?

Major: Nursing, Minor: Spanish

2. Why did you pick nursing as your major?

“I had a class in high school that allowed me to do clinical rotations throughout the local hospitals. I originally planned on doing physical therapy, so most of my clinicals involved that. However, my last one was a labor and delivery rotation and I absolutely fell in love with that environment, and immediately knew I wanted to work with neonates or high risk births. I called Belmont the next day and changed my major to nursing! “

3. What is the best or most helpful class you have taken in your major? Why?

“For me, it was the Childbearing course. It related to what I want to do within the nursing field, and taught me most of the information I will need going forward. I also got to do my clinicals on a labor and delivery as well as NICU unit for this one, which I really loved!”

4. What is the hardest thing about your major? And the best thing?

“Juggling all of the classes is definitely the most challenging. It’s really hard working with a full school schedule, as well as a clinical schedule, and attempting to add in a social life as well. However, it’s so fun to rotate through the different hospital floors and get to know the various environments.”

5. What do you plan to do in the future as a career?

“I hope to start in a NICU nurse residency program, and eventually go back to school for my NP (nurse practitioner) or my CNM (certified nurse midwife)!”

6. Any advice for other nursing majors or potential nursing majors?

“It’s hard, exhausting, and you’ll feel like it isn’t worth it. There will be times you want to quit or change your major – fight through those moments, because it will be so worth it in the end! Nursing is such a flexible major where you can do almost anything – it’s definitely worth it!”


Megan Schnupp is a senior at Belmont University studying English (writing) with a secondary degree in Religion. When not hanging out on campus, she is extremely passionate about photography and traveling as much she can (well, as much as a broke college student can). Her other hobbies include exploring her city and visiting every coffee shop within a twenty-mile radius. Follow her on Instagram @megschnuppp, where she's probably posting a picture of her most recent adventure or latte.
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