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I Reviewed Nashville’s Top Coffeeshops, So You Don’t Have To

Whether you live in Nashville full-time, are a student, or have just visited for the weekend, it’s apparent that Nashville loves coffee almost as much as country music. Picking a coffeeshop to go to is harder than picking a restaurant for dinner. Fear not, as someone who’s lived in Nashville for almost 3 years now, I’ve learned a thing or two about what makes each spot so unique.

White Bison

If you’re looking for a quiet, relaxing place to sip on coffee and get some work done, White Bison is the place for you. Located on 12 South, this coffee shop couples as a convenience store with all the snacks and drinks you could ever need for a day of studying.

Frothy Monkey

Perhaps a polar opposite of White Bison, Frothy Monkey is your go-to spot for a good meal and a great cup of joe. Bring your friends, laugh, stay a while, but I wouldn’t suggest studying here, especially on the weekend. It can get pretty loud and crowded so despite its delicious food and superb baristas, it’s more of a social setting.


Bongo Java

A nice combination of the previous two, Bongo Java offers an environment full of students. With pretty extensive seating and a wonderful outdoor patio, Bongo is a place to go and stay awhile. If you go to Belmont or Vanderbilt, chances are you’ll run into some friends. It’s also within walking distance from Belmont’s campus, so the energy in the surrounding streets is vibrant.

Portland Brew

Similar to White Bison, Portland Brew is an ideal spot for studying. The volume never gets above a low murmur of conversations and almost everyone inside is being productive. With couches, lounge chairs, and a table, this spot is perfect for any kind of mood you may have.

Barista Parlor

Located in Germantown, Barista Parlor offers an open and bright space for grabbing a coffee. It’s not quite as loud as Frothy and offers less food options, so the noise tends to be less. However, it lacks the cozy vibe that comes from Portland Brew and White Bison.


Just, don’t.

All in all, my top pick: White Bison. The location, the vibes, and the coffee could not be better! So, go out and feed your caffeine addiction! I give you permission.

Tori is a junior nursing major at Belmont University. Throughout her life, she has had a passion for writing. Although she chose to pursue a career in nursing, she still wants to tell stories and hone in on her craft. During her free time, Tori enjoys spin class, exploring coffeeshops in Nashville, and organizing events with her sorority.
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