How to Avoid the Finals Plague of 2017

Though we're just a little less than a month out from exams *hyperventilates*, the finals plague of 2017 seems to have graced us with its presence a little earlier than normal this year. "What on earth is a finals plague?" I hear the freshman asking.

Well, in the simplest of terms, it's just the worst.

Each year our campus gets hit with an insatiable virus that spreads so fast, it makes wildfires look slow. As if getting sick isn't already lousy enough, it always comes during the absolute worst time of year, finals. However, it looks like this year it decided to be more of a butt than normal and came early. While it only seems to have just recently arrived, students and professors alike are already dropping like flies. As much as it sucks to get sick during finals, it's arguably worse to have it hit you right beforehand, as that's usually when some of the most complex concepts of our classes are taught. Lucky for you though, HC Belmont has you covered with some handy tips to keep away the germs and help you and your GPA stay on track. 


Maybe you haven’t gotten the sniffles yet, but that doesn’t mean your roomie hasn’t. We share a lot as roommates, and that can actually include disease. Even if you’re in an apartment style dorm, going to your separate spaces doesn’t mean you’re safe. It is vital that you give everything a good, anti-bacterial wipe down. Sanitation of one’s living space is commonly overlooked when it comes to disease prevention. Besides, your place will look so nice and clean afterwards, and a tidy dorm is a tidy mind!

 Eat Right

This one can be a bit more of a challenge if you primarily sustain yourself off of a meal plan. Sodexo isn’t the worst ever… but they aren’t great. This is especially true if you have any dietary restrictions. Your best bet is to really seek out as many greens as you can. There’s usually always something in the vegetarian line (if it isn’t closed for the basketball team. #bitter), and the salad bar has some decent options as long as you stay light with the dressing. In a rush? Check out the soup selection to see what they’re offering, and make sure to grab some fruit. It also wouldn’t hurt to use some hand sanitizer on the way in/out.

P.S. Be wary of pancake night. No one wants to relive the food poising catastrophe of fall 2015.


You know, sleep just seems to be the magic cure for everything. It is, in fact, directly connected to the immune system. So why is it that we’re up until 3:00am watching Tastemade videos? For as much as college students say that they love to sleep, we sure seem to neglect it an awful lot. So I’m going to challenge you. Tonight, after you finish your work, just go to bed. Turn off your laptop, put down your phone, and close your eyes. I mean, who has ever said, “Wow, I really regret getting eight hours of sleep last night”? No one. No one ever.


As a coffee addict, I too am guilty of caffeine-induced dehydration. While we would never ask Belmont hipsters to give up their beloved coffee, we do advise that you bring a water bottle with you on your way over to Bongo. The key is to sip throughout the day, not chug all at once. Avoid water fountains at all costs, as they are known to harbor germs and bacteria.

No Sharing

This one should be a given, but just so it’s clear, no sharing. Of any kind. Under any circumstances. Ever. Just don't, okay?


Stay strong friends, only four weeks until finals!

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