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HC UK: Abbie Long

This semester, HC Belmont has been paired up with HC UK as our new Sister Chapter! Read on to learn more about our the girls who make HC UK happen!


Name: Abbie Long

Year: Junior

Hometown: Georgetown, KY

Major/ Minor: Journalism major, Information Communication Technology Minor

What are your interests and hobbies, and what are you involved in?

My heart belongs to sports! I’m a campus correspondent for Her Campus UK. I’m a part-time general reporter at my hometown newspaper, the Georgetown News-Graphic. I also write for the UK school newspaper as a sports reporter, I cover women’s soccer and men’s basketball, and I’m currently conducting an undergraduate research study with one of my professors from last semester!


Why did you choose UK?

Funny story… I didn’t really choose UK. When I started looking at colleges during my senior year of high school, UK was the absolute last school on my list. I wanted nothing to do with going there. I went to UofL during my first year of college and unfortunately, things did not work out for me there. I then moved back home to Georgetown, transferred to a community college for two years, and now I’m at UK. Funny how things work out for the better, even when they don’t seem like it at the time. Now, I couldn’t be any happier at UK!


If you could swap places with someone for a day (dead or alive) who would it be?

Oh wow. That’s a tough one. I would trade places with ESPN reporter, Erin Andrews, because honestly she’s the definition of perfection, and I’m completely jealous of her job.


What is your favorite spot in Nashville?

Definitely downtown Nashville! I love inner city vibe that is has, all while still being the home of country music.

Fun fact about me:

I’m an adrenaline junkie. I went skydiving last year with my boyfriend for our anniversary and I 100 percent want to do it again. It was incredible!


What is your favorite thing about HC?

Forming friendships with our girls. I have met some of the most incredible girls through this organization that I would have never met if I had not gotten involved with Her Campus.


How did you get involved with Her Campus UK?

Katia! She had sent out a mass email to everyone within the journalism department at UK and after I read it, I was automatically interested and joined immediately!


Favorite Netflix show?

(Okay, this show isn’t on Netflix) but my current obsession is “This Is Us.” It’s on Hulu, but oh my gosh, it’s so good!


Favorite Book?

Any Nicholas Sparks book


Spirit Animal?

Leslie Knope on Parks and Rec.


If you could have a song play every time you enter a room, what would it be?

“Diva” by Beyoncé


Where would you go if you could travel anywhere in the world?

Santorini, Greece. I’ve been utterly obsessed with it since watching “Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants” like 10 years ago.

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Born and raised in Louisville, KY, Sarah came to Belmont as a member of the class of 2019. Sarah joined the Her Campus Belmont team as a chapter contributor her sophomore year and took over as President just a few months later. While you'll find her studying corporate communications and theatre during school, in her free time she enjoys hot yoga, bingeing Game of Thrones, and working to make her chapter the absolute best it can be.
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