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HC Oscar Predictions 2017

Ah, November. we’ve finally made it to the month of turkey, sweater weather, and inappropriately early Christmas ads. The leaves have all changed, the weather is (suppose to be) at that perfect 60-degree cool, and there’s just a new feeling in the air. November can mean a lot of different things for people, such as the time to ignore their razor, or the month where every single professor decides to assign you six major projects all at once.. Aside from all these things, there’s one thing the arrival of November means that everyone always seems to overlook, and it’s that awards season has finally begun!

 The celebs, the fashion, the red carpet, the tiny gold men- there’s just nothing else like it! The glamour of the awards season is undisputed and unparalleled. So in honor of this most special time of year, we’re bringing you a few of our predictions for the creme de la creme of awards season, the Oscars.


Best Animated Feature: Zootopia


Okay, you know we’ve got this one. Hands down, Zootopia was amazing and beloved by just about everyone who saw it. Scoring a solid 98% on Rotten Tomatoes, this fun and furry flick garnered both commercial and critical success, and already has a sequel in the works. Though the Disney pic did get its fair share of competition this year, we say the Oscar goes to Judy and Nick.

Honorable Mentions: Finding Dory, Kubo and the two Strings

Best Actor: Casey Affleck (Manchester by the Sea)


Okay, look at that picture and tell me that face doesn’t look academy award worthy! If nominated, this won’t be Affleck’s first trip to the (glamorous, star-studded) rodeo. Affleck was nominated for an Academy Award®, Golden Globe®, and Screen Actors Guild® Award for performance in the 2007 film The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. So will his performance in the highly anticipated Manchester by the Sea earn him a golden statuette? We sure think so!

Honorable Mention: Tom Hanks (Sully)

Best Cinematography: Arrival


Speaking of highly anticipated films, let’s talk Arrival. This sci-fi epic has accumulated a lot of buzz in the media. Partially because of its impending release, but partially because – well – it’s good! The trailer alone is eye candy and gives us a good taste of how beautiful this film will be. We don’t know about you, but we sure aren’t going to miss seeing this stunning film on the big screen. I mean, It’s going to win the Oscar after all

Honorable Mention: Café Society, La La Land

Best Actress: Amy Adams (Arrival)


Okay, maybe this is some of my own bias (I am a ginger after all), but it’s no secret that Amy Adams is good. Like really good. Like even Oscar-worthy good. Beloved by the masses (you know you still love her for playing “Giselle” after all these years) and being known for her wide range and compelling onscreen presence, it’s no wonder she’s received so many nominations in the past. With all that talent and all the praise Arrival seems to be receiving from critics, we think Amy is a shoo-in to bring herself home a little, gold man.

Honorable Mention: Natalie Portman (Jackie)

Best Picture: La La Land


Emma Stone + Ryan Gosling + the writer/director of Whiplash = Masterpiece. We all know that fireworks happen whenever Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling share the silver screen, combine that with filmmaking brilliance that is Damien Chazelle and you’ve got movie magic. On top of that, it’s a musical! The film harkens back to the golden age of Hollywood when stars tap danced straight from the big screen into your heart. Let’s hope this picture doesn’t out-dazzle and outshine its own all-but-confirmed award.

Honorable Mention: Manchester by the Sea, Arrival

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