Fyre Festival: Netflix vs Hulu

If you’re anything like me, you might not have known anything about the Fyre Festival of 2017 before two new documentaries came out about it a few weeks ago. Since then I have been obsessed with learning more about this festival and talking to anybody I can about it. I watched both the Netflix and Hulu versions of the story and I am here to break down the differences between them so you can make a decision as to which to spend your valuable streaming time on.

Before Fyre: I watched the Hulu version before Netflix and I’m honestly glad I did. The Hulu version does a way better job of explaining Billy McFarland and his companies. It explains what happened on the Island, how the idea of Fyre came about, and has accounts with workers on the island.

The Fyre Festival: I personally think the Netflix version did a better job at explaining what happened on the island during the few days that Fyre did happen. The Hulu documentary laid out the basic information about the island, which is another reason why I am glad I watched that one first. I knew the basics of what happened and then the Netflix version did a great job of cementing that in my brain and then adding smaller details and accounts from festival goers.

After Fyre: I think that both versions did a really good job of talking about what happened after Fyre. Netflix talked a lot about what happened to Billy, and the investigation by the FBI but the Hulu version talked more about the company and what happened to everyone else too.

Other Notable Things to Mention: Hulu dropped their version of the story, to Netflix’s surprise, about a week before the Netflix version. The Hulu version also had personal interviews with Billy McFarland himself, which was very interesting to see what he could and could not say, unlike the Netflix one. In terms of interviews, I personally like both versions because they had a good amount of the same people on, but each different version had interviews with people that did not come up on the other.

Overall, I would advise you to watch both versions of the Fyre documentaries. I prefer the Hulu version I think, but both of them had their ups and downs. Watching both of them allows you to make your own opinions and to hear all sides of what happened during the festival.

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