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Fall Fashion Favorites

It’s just reached that time of year where you can’t leave the house without a light jacket but you can’t quite pull out the ski jacket either. Fall, with those perfect temperatures, allows for some of my favorite fashion staples. This season is all about layering. How many times have I walked out of the house in a heavy sweatshirt only to be sitting in a perfectly heated classroom for the next few hours? I also focus on buying seasonal pieces that are able to be worn with many different outfits. Below are my five essential fall favorites for the season and where to find them on a college budget. 

Jean Jacket

The jean jacket itself does not offer much warmth or protection from the wind but it is the perfect piece for layering. I always throw on a long sleeve and maybe even a flannel under mine if I’m going to be outside for too long. Jean jackets are also great for expressing your individuality. A lot of clothing stores now sell patches or buttons that you can add to your denim jacket if you’re looking to make a fashion, or perhaps even political, statement. I was lucky enough to have my mom pass down her Levi’s jacket to me, alright maybe I stole it from her closet, but even a new one is not too expensive considering they practically last forever. 


Oversized Flannel

The bigger the better with flannel. It’s basically like wearing a blanket to class but without the judgemental stares. On any given fall day I’ll just wear a T-shirt and jeans with a flannel but somehow it looks as though I put in actual effort to look cute that day. There are so many different patterns and colors to choose from so you can have multiple in your closet and still put together a lot of different outfits. I’ve found most of my favorite flannels at either garage sales or Goodwill’s but if you’d rather shop online Urban Outfitters offers a great choice with a few different color options.  


Turtlenecks are not just for grandmas anymore. Although, look in your grandma’s closet and you may find the perfect one. The collars are actually great for keeping you warm and they’ve actually come back into style. Win, win. Many of the turtlenecks I own came from a thrift store for less than five dollars. If you happen to find a turtleneck that is perfect other than the length I suggest cutting it to create a crop top. A cropped turtleneck and mom jeans is the ultimate fall look. 


Sweatpants? Outside of the house? Yes. Sweatpants have made a huge comeback in the form of fashion wear with help from the likes of Selena Gomez and Gigi Hadid. Usually referred to as a jogger, these pants are perfect for the days when you still want to look put together but are not in the mood to squeeze yourself into those skinny jeans. Throw on any T-shirt or even a matching sport’s jacket and you’re ready for the day. As someone who basically lives in sneakers this is a perfect addition to my wardrobe. 

Ankle Boots

Although sneakers are always my first pick when it comes to shoe options my next choice is always my pair of black ankle boots. Heel or not, these shoes are perfect for dressing up a more casual outfit while still keeping your feet warm. These shoes offer you the ability to wear a pair of tights or even display your favorite pair of socks. Ankle boots can sometimes be hard to find just because you want them to hit at the perfect part of your ankle, but once you find the right pair you’ll reach for them time after time.

I love all of these fall items, but I’ve got to be honest. I end up wearing all of them year-round!

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Megan is a second year student at Belmont University, located just outside of downtown Nashville. On any given day you can find her creating a Spotify playlist, jotting down some poetry or searching for a new vintage clothing store. If you go an entire conversation with her and don't hear something about her undying love for Elton John, you didn't talk to her long enough.
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