The CIA Fired A Dog

You know that feeling when you just don’t want to sniff out explosives for the rest of your life? No? Well, Lulu does. Lulu is a Labrador Retriever that was recently dropped from the CIA’s bomb-sniffing school because she was simply more interested in sniffing out the real bad guys, those pesky squirrels and menacing rabbits. 

Wednesday evening the CIA Twitter account broke the news to the world about Lulu's fate. Of course, the internet responded with offers for adoption and conspiracy theories involving cats plotting to take over the CIA. 


 Since the pups that go through training are still fairly young it is not unusual for them to get distracted every now and again while going through training, but according to the CIA’s press release, it sometimes “clear that the issue isn’t temporary.” 

Trainers often motivate the dogs with treats and food but even with the most delicious bone available it was obvious to the staff that Lulu wasn't happy in her training. This is what influenced the Agency’s decision to let her go from the program.

But don’t get too sad my friends. The sweet girl was adopted by her handler! She is now living the life she always dreamed of. No work and all play. Chase those squirrels Lulu.

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