Christian Showcase 2018

If you haven’t been to a Belmont showcase, then you definitely need to start going. On Saturday, September 15th, the Christian Showcase 2018 was held in the Curb Event Center. The theme was “Created to Create,” which was about how we were fearfully and wonderfully made so we need to create and share our gifts with others.

The showcase boasted a long list of staff, all of them Belmont students—

Producer: Autumn Johnson

Associate producer: Courtney Triplett

Production manager: Jordan Karow

Lighting director: Makalya Byrd

Video director: Amber Rhodes

Marketing director: Rebecca Waldron

Production staff coordinator: Dominique Detwiler

Digital marketing manager: Claire Savoie

Series event manager: Amanda Wolfgram

Graphic designer: Annette Leclair Design

Photographer: Taylor Simmons for Rugged Rose Productions

Videographer: Will Norton

Starting off, we heard from Ethan Thomas who started the night with upbeat pop songs showcasing his faith and his love for singing. There were people dancing and singing along to his performance, which made a great start to the night. The next act was Isaiah Williams, which is a worship team comprised of Isaiah William Carrell and Brandon Billings. Their music was a bit more calm and more traditional, but it still showcased the amazing talent that these two exuberate.

The third act was Amy Rochelle. Her act created a new atmosphere altogether, surprising everyone with her alternative rock sound. Her act had the audience listening to every word. The fourth and final act was David Andrew. David Andrew had the whole room up on their feet when he came out to perform. He truly was showing off his love for God and the his mission with his passionate performances. His smooth pop, R&B/soul blend had everyone grooving. By the end of the showcase, everyone was worshiping God and definitely enjoying the night! Every act was better than the last, and I'm going want to remember it for years to come.

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