Campus Celeb: Talia Stewart

20-year-old Talia Stewart falls under our definition of a campus celebrity. Although she is a Sophomore entertainment industry studies major, she is busy both on and off campus with her incredible music career. Read on to hear more about Talia's music and career! 

Why did you come to Belmont?

I needed to live in an area owned by music, so Nashville was the mission. But Belmont has been the perfect place for me to grow as an artist. The school is filled with such passionate, driven people; it’s impossible to be uninspired. 


What kind of music do you do?

Right now I’m a bit in between genres. I’d say my style can best be described as Alternative Pop/R&B. It’s rapidly evolving, but I’d say all the music I make is influenced to some degree by my jazz-based vocals. 


How did you get into doing that kind of music & How did you start off as a musician?

I’ve always sung and I’ve always read. I started writing around 2nd grade, and I wrote my first song in 3rd grade. For a long time I was content with singing my sappy romantic poetry— my old journals are cringe-worthy—but when I started high school I began seriously pursuing music. 

What kinds of things have you been doing lately on and off campus with your music? 

I played a lot of shows leading up the the release of my debut EP “Sin” at the end of 2016 and now I’m recouping a bit and spending time writing for my next project. 

What are your plans for the future/dream plan for your career?

Short-term, I’ll be putting out some merchandise thats been in the works for a while that I’m very excited about. Long-term, I only hope I’m able to make a career out of music.

Are you involved with any other things at Belmont? 

Every morning I get up and kick myself for not trying out for the Improv Comedy Troupe. I have a serious complex over this, but I just don't know if my schedule will permit it. I was in one in high school and it was undeniably one of the best decisions I made. I’m admittedly not very active in student life, but I do make use of the resources Belmont provides for its music business students, like the constant industry lectures and groups such as the Belmont Copyright Society and Belmont Songwriter’s Association.

Bongo Java or Frothy Monkey:


Pop or Country Music:


Fave show to binge watch on netflix:

Gilmore Girls

Fave song you’re listening to right now:

“Shutter Island” - Jessie Reyez


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