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Book Review: ‘The Woman in the Window’ by A.J. Finn

My favorite read of September was undoubtedly “The Woman in the Window,” a captivating thriller, written by A.J. Finn. People tell you not to judge a book by its cover, but I must congratulate the artist who produced the cover of this book for their phenomenal work that immediately caught my eye. Without reading the blurb on the back or searching for spoilers on the internet, I scooped this find up off the shelves of my favorite bookstore, Parnassus Books. If you have not visited Parnassus Books already, it is one of the best places in Nashville to find great reads!

If you’re looking for a twisted yet strangely uplifting nail-biter, then you’ve found your next favorite read. In only four days, my eyes hungrily consumed every word. On the edge of my seat, I found myself feeling a plethora of emotions for Dr. Anna Fox as she grapples with death, guilt, and agoraphobia. Throughout the story, you can expect plot twists that throw your stomach in knots, moments of Anna’s grief that have you reaching for the tissues and victory that feels so sweet you could just shout.

Within the pages of this novel, you follow the life of Anna, a woman trapped inside by her fear of what lies beyond her front door. She bears witness to the unthinkable from the safety of her home, but is it really that much safer to stay inside? Her conscience, her neighbors, and her family have her scrambling in all directions in search for the truth. Join Anna in unraveling the story that consumes her life and has readers begging for the next page.

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Katie is a senior at Belmont University studying public relations and corporate communication. Since elementary school, she's had an immense love for writing and storytelling, which led to her pursuing opportunities to continue these passions in college. In addition to writing and storytelling, Katie enjoys being outdoors, volunteering in the community, reading and spending time with loved ones.
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