Binge-Worthy Netflix Fall Shows

In high school I would watch my favorite shows as they played on tv or record them and watch them later if necessary. College along with the invention of streaming services has dramatically changed that tv watching process for me. Now, whenever I have a free weekend, the first thing I do is try to binge-watch as many Netflix episodes as humanly possible. Being a horror and thriller fan I've compiled a list of Netflix shows I think would be perfect for binge-watching this fall season. 


Seasons: 1

This brand new Netflix original is only on season one and now is the perfect time to start watching. Two FBI agents in the 70s begin interviewing and investigating criminals in order to develop the term "serial killer". This show focuses on different well-known serial killers and leaves you with an eerie feeling as you watch each episode. Perfect for a stormy night!


Stranger Things

Seasons: 2

If you haven't jumped on the band wagon yet I highly recommend. My boyfriend and I finished the second season in all of two days. The first season of the show follows a group of friends attempting to find and rescue their friend who has disappeared under mysterious and extraterrestrial circumstances. The second season dives even deeper into the reason for his disappearance. The cinematography alone of this show will be enough to get you hooked. 


Breaking Bad

Seasons: 5

This show may have ended a few years back but the story is still as unique and timeless as it was then. The show follows Walter White and his transition from science teacher to meth dealer. The character development from this show is spectacular and will keep you up saying, "Just one more episode!" 



Seasons: 6

This political crime thriller is the product of none other than Shonda Rhimes, creator of Grey's Anatomy. Olivia Pope will be your new girl power hero after watching just one episode. The cases from this show keep you guessing and leave you questioning everyone you know. B613 might be a fictional government head-hunting agency but I'm not taking any risks...


Black Mirror

Seasons: 3

Every episode will have you questioning the future of technology and of the human race. This show takes a look at what could happen if technology continues to take over and the implications society will face if that is the case. There are very few episodes in each season which makes it very easy to finish, but each episode is so heavy that it might take you longer than you think to get through them all. 


American Horror Story

Seasons: 6

This anthology series is one that is truly frightening. This show is known for its wild characters and plots and each season creates a whole new story that leaves you watching it through your fingers. The first three seasons are some of my favorite television episodes ever. I would recommend this to any horror movie fanatic or Evan Peters fan. 

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