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Living in Nashville is a great thing as there are lots of cool restaurants, stores, coffee shops, and scenic areas. However, when living in such a busy place, it’s sometimes hard to find the best places to study! Living in Nashville, you probably know the popularity of studying in coffee shops, or you yourself find coffee shops a great place to study! If you’re like me, I often get too distracted studying in my apartment and enjoy getting out and discovering new study locations. So for all of you out there who enjoy studying outside of your dorm or apartment, here’s a list of some of the best places to study in Nashville (in no specific order)!


1. The Well Coffeehouse

The Well is personally one of my favorite places to go to study, read, or to catch up with friends. The Well is known for its service and charity, with proceeds going to various nonprofit organizations, so you can drink a cup of coffee and help create change! The Well has a food menu and an extensive changing drink menu, so you can eat and drink a coffee while studying! The best time to visit The Well is during the week to study, as it can be somewhat crowded and noisy on weekends. The Well has three locations: 4th Avenue, Granny White Pike, and Old Hickory Boulevard!


2. Frothy Monkey

Frothy Monkey is another favorite coffee shop of mine. Frothy Monkey has varying seating, making it perfect for studying. It features high top tables, larger group tables, as well as more intimate two-person tables! Frothy Monkey is a popular study and visiting spot, so if you don’t mind the usual coffee shop chatter noise, this can be a wonderful place to study! Frothy Monkey has a wonderful drink menu with seasonal selections, as well as an extensive food menu, leaving you with plenty of options for food and drink while you study! Frothy Monkey has a few different locations at 51st Avenue N, 12th Avenue South, 5th Avenue North, as well as historic Downtown Franklin!


Latte from The Well. Image: Megan Schnupp

3. Bongo Java

While I do not visit Bongo Java often, it is one of the best study locations if you are looking for something near campus! If you do not have a car, this is an easy coffee shop to get to as it is a short walk across the street from the Curb Cafe. The interior features a light and airy feel with a decent selection of drinks and food items! There is local art hanging all over the walls and in the past, some of the tables have been painted with art as well! Bongo Java has a variety of seating, from two to four-person tables, to an upstairs seating area as well as patio seating! It tends to be relatively quiet at Bongo Java, especially if you sit outside! 


4. White Bison

If you are not as particular about your types of coffee and are mainly looking for a quiet and spacious study area, White Bison is a good choice! White Bison does not have an overly formal coffee shop feel, as it is attached to a Twice Daily Market. This is the perfect place to grab a snack, soda, or coffee and study. It is conveniently located on 12 South with a parking lot in the back! White Bison features a large array of seating, from couches to outdoor tables and lounge chairs. It is the perfect space to sit outside and view 12 South from the second-floor seating!


Coffee at Fido! Image: Megan Schnupp


5. Fido

Fido is a coffee shop/restaurant that I have been going to for years and I love it! Fido is a casual eatery and coffee shop that was once an old pet store. It has a wide array of drinks and some wonderful food. There is a large range of seating as well, with bar seating, booths, and tables. This place tends to be a little noisy, so bring some headphones and listen to your favorite music while you study! It is also conveniently close to campus on 21st!


6. Barista Parlor

Barista Parlor is a wonderful coffee shop to catch up with friends or to do some homework. Each of the Barista Parlor locations features a different layout and theme! Whether you prefer a more airy and light study space or a more industrial study space, Barista Parlor has you covered. They have a wonderful coffee menu in addition to small snacks and pastries. The layouts vary at each Barista Parlor, but you are sure to enjoy seating at the tables, bar, or lounges. Barista Parlor has locations on Magazine Street, 4th Avenue North, or 519 Gallatin Avenue!



Megan Schnupp is a senior at Belmont University studying English (writing) with a secondary degree in Religion. When not hanging out on campus, she is extremely passionate about photography and traveling as much she can (well, as much as a broke college student can). Her other hobbies include exploring her city and visiting every coffee shop within a twenty-mile radius. Follow her on Instagram @megschnuppp, where she's probably posting a picture of her most recent adventure or latte.
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