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Dear Student (and Fellow Her Campus Belmont Reader),


We would like to invite you to contribute to the 40th Anniversary Issue of the Belmont Literary Journal  The Belmont Literary Journal is a student-run publication edited by and featuring the work of current Belmont University students. Founded in 1980 as a print-journal, the BLJ became an online publication in 2014. Our goal is to encourage, discover, and share the work of both the undergraduate and graduate students of Belmont University with the larger literary community.


All submissions must be sent to belmontlitjournal@gmail.com with your full name and genre of submission in the Subject heading of the email. (ex. Gary McDowell, Poetry)


In the body of the email please include your contact information (name, email address, and phone number). All submissions should be attached as either a Word document (.doc or .docx) or .rtf.



Please read individual genre guidelines here. Submissions that do not follow these guidelines will not be considered. (You can view past entries and guidelines at www.belmontlitjournal.com)


Submissions are open until February 9th, 2020. 


This is a great way to get your writing out there, as well as a great achievement for resumes and portfolios!

Megan Schnupp is a senior at Belmont University studying English (writing) with a secondary degree in Religion. When not hanging out on campus, she is extremely passionate about photography and traveling as much she can (well, as much as a broke college student can). Her other hobbies include exploring her city and visiting every coffee shop within a twenty-mile radius. Follow her on Instagram @megschnuppp, where she's probably posting a picture of her most recent adventure or latte.
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