Aaron Carter is Back and We're In LOVE

For the first time in 14 years, Aaron Carter has released new music and is making our 2000’s hearts go crazy. LOVE was released earlier this year with EDM pop songs all about heartbreak and standing up for yourself in love. Carter has brought to the table a completely new mature look and perspective on life. With a large tattoo on his neck the title of his EP, it’s easy to see that he’s taking himself and his music project seriously and that he's trying to be authentic, candid, and relatable. In an interview on The Big J Show, Carter explains that the moral of this album is that in a relationship or in anything, “when you don’t feel like you’re getting what you need, you need to move on.”

In his new EP LOVE, Carter shares very raw emotions we can all relate to if we’ve experienced heartbreak. All five songs on the EP are about a particular bad relationship, and Carter does a fantastic job of sharing his very real experience through his music. The songs are entitled “Fool’s Gold,” “Let Me Let You,” “Sooner or Later,” “Same Way,” and “Dearly Departed.” Not only are the lyrics representative of his experience with his past tumultuous relationship, but the music also speaks to make you feel what the words are saying or at least fill in the spots words can’t express enough. You’ll definitely be jamming to these beats while blasting the EP in your car.

Every part of the EP was created by Carter himself. He wrote the songs, produced the beats, and even directed the music video for “Fool’s Gold.” Carter has been very vocal about the fact that he’s building everything on his own and “proving” himself. He taken the past 10 or so years of struggle with family, drug, and relationship problems to push himself to be better and independent. He put all of his money into building a home studio, learning to self-produce, be tutored to become a master engineer, and be a better writer and singer. All his hard work is starting to pay off with the success of his new EP and future success of the music he will continue to put out.

LOVE is available on Spotify, iTunes, and Apple Music, so go check it out. “Let Me Let You” is my favorite song on the EP… what’s yours?

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