7 Things Your Mom Will Love for Mother’s Day (That Won’t Break the Bank)

We all know money can be tight in college, but you don’t need to worry about that this Mother’s Day. Here’s 7 things your mom will love receiving on May 12, that won’t totally empty your wallet.


1. Make her a playlist! This is an awesome gift for a mom who loves music, but might not be so tech-savvy enough to make her own. This is especially easy if you use the same music platform or you share accounts.

2. Make her a list of 10 movies that she MUST see, and then watch them with her. If you know your mom loves movies but can’t seem to find the time to watch them herself, this is an easy way to not only give her a list she can keep up with, but a way to hang out with her too. She will love having a girls night with you- plus candy and popcorn is a cheap way to pay back your mom for all of the food she’s made you over the years.

3. Order your mom prints of some of the many photos you’ve taken while at school. You can easily do this on websites like Shutterfly or Snapfish for a super low cost, and get them sent straight to her house. All moms love getting to see photos of their kids, especially when they’re hundreds of miles away. There’s no reason you can’t get this done, especially if you’re a big photog.

4. Good at art? Make her something! If you work with calligraphy, pick up something plan and personalize it for her. Handmade gifts are so much more special than anything you could buy, so if you have the ability to do so, get crafty.

5. Home for Mother’s Day? Take your mom out for ice cream, on you of course. Moms really just want to spend quality time with their kids, and if you happen to be going to school close to home, it’s not too hard to just get in the car and spend the day with her. Believe me, you being home and spending time with her instead of your friends will make her day.

6. Find her a cool Groupon and send it to her! If you know of any spas or fun places that she might like to go to, perhaps you can find a Groupon for her. By purchasing one for her, she will have to make time for it. So if you think she needs some pampering, this might be the thing to get her.

7. If all else fails, ETSY IS YOUR BEST FRIEND. Etsy is a super great place to find cute, more unique gifts for your mom. With thousands of shops to choose from, you can’t go wrong searching for a gift on Etsy. And if you look hard enough, you can find some really cute and affordable gifts your mom will adore.

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