7 70s Trends That Came Back in a Major Way

The 70s were an AMAZING time for fashion, and some of the best trends are coming back. Here are seven fun looks from the 70s that will hopefully stick around: 

Bell BottomsWhether you call them bell bottoms, flares or boot cuts, there’s no doubt that we’re moving away from the skinny jeans that dominated in the 2000s. Bell bottoms look different now from how they looked in the 70s, but they haven’t lost their groovy vibes. Cropped flares are especially popular right now, as well as jeans that feature a more gradual flare from the knee down.

​Bra Top

These were popular at music festivals then and music festivals now.

The Peasant Blouse

Most people style peasant blouses nowadays with skinny jeans and heels to make them a little more modern, but we haven’t forgotten where they came from.

ALL The Denim

But who are we kidding? Denim will never go away.


I am personally very happy this trend is back, and that people are finding more and more creative ways to style overalls.


Nothing says girl power like a brightly colored pantsuit.

Western Style

The cowgirl aesthetics associated with the 70s are coming back in the form of fringe, brown tones, and Western silhouettes. And I am here for it.

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