60 Thoughts You Have During Welcome Week

  1. I have to drive on the sidewalk?

  2. I have a lot of stuff, sorry to everyone who has to carry it.

  3. How are all three of us going to fit in this tiny room?

  4. Is there any water?

  5. Why is it so hot?

  6. Where did my parents go?

  7. Yep, that’s a high bed.

  8. Aww, the fountains look so nice at night.

  9. If this tapestry doesn’t stay up I don’t even know what I’m gonna do.

  10. I just want this room to look pinterest worthy.

  11. Okay mom, I’ll be good. I promise.

  12. I need all the snacks.

  13. Okay, where the heck do I find my schedule. They really don’t print it for me?

  14. It really is SO hot.

  15. I’ve never sweated this much in my life.

  16. Where in the world is the Grand Maddox Atrium?

  17. Oh, there it is… the big thing that says "Atrium". Makes sense.

  18. I have to sit here for three hours and there are no snacks?

  19. I’m gonna need a snack after this.

  20. Do I get convo credits for this?

  21. I never thought I would hear the letter "T" so much, but here we are.

  22. I just zoned out, what happened? What did I miss?

  23. Yeah a salad, that’s a nice balanced lunch...

  24. ...but that burger looks so good...

  25. ...ooh and those chicken wings.

  26. I guess I’ll just stick with my salad. Don’t wanna start the freshman fifteen now.

  27. How can I find my friends in this crowd?

  28. What if I never find them again?!

  29. Oh, there they are.

  30. But really is the ground on fire because I am burning up.

  31. Okay, so when the eclipse happens is it really gonna get that dark?

  32. Yes, yes it is. It’s like nighttime out here.

  33. Now it’s bright again.

  34. I need a nap.

  35. I also need food.

  36. I should figure out where my classes are, but I think I’m just gonna go back to the dorm.

  37. I should rest anyway, it’s been a long day.

  38. Do I get a free t-shirt if I scream the loudest? Because I can make that happen.

  39. I just want a t-shirt, that’s all I’m asking for.

  40. YES! GOT IT!

  41. Now, where do I put it?

  42. I know it’s only 9 and there are things to do but I think my bed needs me right now.

  43. Ooh and snacks.

  44. How is it still so hot? It’s nighttime!

  45. Okay cool up and adam, let’s go serve.

  46. Okay so I have to paint this wall. Cool, cool, I got this.

  47. Oh no, that does not look good.

  48. It’s okay, I’m just gonna walk away.

  49. No one will know it was me.

  50. Sweet, we’re leaving.

  51. I’m starving.

  52. Family dinner better be good.

  53. This is so cute. I love my TT leaders.

  54. I guess I gotta learn the rules now.

  55. How are we all going to fit in this limited amount of seats?

  56. Oh, we aren’t. I guess it’s the floor for me.

  57. Gotta touch this door. Better not mess this up…

  58. ...and now I can’t stop laughing. Great!

  59. Touched it, now time for bed!

  60. Crap, classes start tomorrow.

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