6 Essential Back to School Shoe Staples

1. Sneakers 

Whether you’re walking around the city or just walking from class to class, sneakers are the perfect way to be cute yet comfortable. Pair with any outfit, especially skirts and dresses to keep the outfit super casual.

2. Slides

Leave your dainty sandals in the closet this fall, and instead pick up a chic pair of slides. These shoes come in suede, leather, and every color imaginable. Dress up the quintessential jeans and a T-shirt with this trendy shoe.

3. Birkenstocks

Let’s face it, in college, sometimes the last thing you want to do is dress nice. Birks are the college kid’s best friend while rolling out of your bed to rush off to an 8am class. Birks come in tons of varieties, so you’re sure to find a pair you love.

4. Heels

Back to school for some means returning back to the life of going out on Friday and Saturday nights, interning, or dressing up for sorority meetings. Finding yourself the perfect pair of heels which you fall in love with will make dressing up a breeze in college.

5. Flat

Whether it’s a loafer or a classic ballet, finding a perfect pair of nice flat shoes is a crucial part of a college student’s wardrobe. When heels fail, flats are the perfect option for dressing up for work, sorority chapter, an internship, or any time you need to business.

6. Booties

Back to school means the first of early fall time in my book. That being said, don’t be afraid to reach for a bold pair of booties. Adding a hint of fall into your look can add a whole lot of style to your look, no matter which kind you choose.

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