5 Tips to Make College Easier

1. Buy a Planner

This may seem kind of obvious but a planner is a total college staple. But buying the planner is only step one, you actually have to use it. I like to get one that has a week view (where I write my assignments) and a calendar view (where I put events/important dates). It’s hard to remember everything that is going on in your classes. So don’t remember, just write it down.


There is nothing worse than sitting in class starving because your classes don’t leave you time for lunch. Throw a few protein-rich snacks into your backpack (think protein bars, jerky, etc.) to keep in case of emergency. Protein bar tip: most stores carry protein bars in boxed packages or singles. Get a few single bars to see what you like (some brands are super nasty) before you commit to buying an entire box. 


3. Have one Notebook

Instead of getting a different notebook/binder for every class just carry around one. I get the 5 subject notebooks with dividers at Target and it saves my life every semester. The dividers even have pockets to keep your assignments and handouts in. I never have to worry about forgetting my materials because they’re all there in one notebook.

4. Swap Numbers with at least one person in each class

Now you never have to worry about missing out if you’re sick. You can just text that person and ask what you missed or get their notes. You might even make a friend. Enough said.


5. Utilize office hours and ask questions

Professors are here to help you learn, so take advantage of that to make sure you're grasping the material. You're likely paying too much to let pride or shyness to stop you from getting that grade. Most professors offer office hours for outside classroom help. Use these if you are struggling. There is nothing wrong with needing a little extra clarification, and that’s literally what your teacher is for, to help you.

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