The 5 Stages of Being a Homebody On a Friday Night

About 2 pm- “I have done nothing for 3 weeks. I’m definitely going to do something tonight!”

This is the first stage where you tell yourself that you have to do something this weekend. Your friend has invited you 3 weeks in a row, and for some reason something always comes up.


About 5 pm- “I still haven’t found anything to do. I’ll just go get dinner and see if anything is happening afterwards.”

This is the stage where you realize that you haven’t put that much effort into making plans, but are still open to the idea of going out for a night.

About 8 pm- “I still have my makeup on. Why do I still have my makeup on?”

This is the stage where you really just don’t understand why this going out thing was such a good idea. Besides, you could be snuggled up under some covers with a cup of hot chocolate watching Gilmore Girls.

About 9 pm- “Ok, I’ve waited long enough, time for PJs and Netflix!”

This is probably the best stage. The stage when you finally give in and do what you do best. You don’t need to look cute and go out to have fun. Your fun comes from penguin pajama pants and the comfort of your computer screen.


About 10 pm- (gets text saying, “Hey, my friend is playing at *insert name of hip local music venue* at 11, wanna go?”) “I have already gone into hibernation. I will go next week.”

This is the last stage when you promise yourself that you will do something next weekend, but deep in your heart you know that you will always be happiest at home.


There is no shame in staying home on a Friday night. NONE AT ALL. Some people just don’t understand the magical feeling that a night filled with pajamas and Netflix brings. Embrace your inner homebody and do what makes you happy! Don’t feel obligated to go spend your night at a party or show that will inevitably make you stressed out and uncomfortable. Life is too short!

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