5 Reasons Every College Student Should Study Abroad

5 Reasons Every College Student Should Study Abroad

It’s no secret that studying abroad is the part of college life that everyone asks about. From your parent’s friends asking if you’re going to spend a semester in Europe, to your advisor hammering you to figure out your course selection while you’re abroad, it seems that studying abroad is an expectation of almost every college student. Whether it’s an entire semester in London, a summer program in Sweden, or a service trip to Guatemala for Spring Break, studying abroad is one of the most rewarding learning experiences a student can have. I’ve had the privilege of going on two faculty led programs here at Belmont and I wouldn’t change my experiences for the world. Here are five reasons why I believe every college student should study abroad.  

1. Meeting Students (and Professors) Outside of Your Major

It’s so easy in college to surround yourself with the same groups of people, especially as we get older and more into our major classes. By studying abroad, you open your world up to students that you maybe would otherwise never run into. In addition, you meet professors in different departments that can shape your education experience in a different way than your major professors can. As a nursing major who spends most of her time in classes with the same people, my study abroad trips gave me the opportunity to meet some incredible people in majors completely different from my own and these people are still some of my best friends today.

2. Being Independent in Another Country

Navigating a country that you’re unfamiliar with is the single easiest way to grow in independence. The differences in public transport, currency, language, and food force you to go out of your comfort zone and learn quickly on your feet. You’ll learn problem solving and communication skills that you can’t get anywhere else. 

3. Taking Unique Classes Catered Toward Your Experiences

Honestly, my favorite part of studying abroad is the studying aspect. This may seem weird to some people, but study abroad caters classes to your specific experience and place which makes it that much more exciting to learn about. Instead of sitting in a classroom for three hours a week learning about a different culture, you get to live in that culture and experience first-hand and then apply your knowledge to your schoolwork!

4. Seeing Your Own Culture Through a Different Lens

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut of your own culture and thinking that it’s the only way people live. Spending a longer period of time in another country can help to highlight some of the differences in culture and allow you time to dive into your own beliefs and values regarding how you live your life.


5. Adds a Cherry on Top to Your Resume

As college students, we’re all about our resumes and future job opportunities. Having a study abroad experience gives you something unique to talk about during an interview for a new job. You can talk about the courses you took and the skills you gained throughout your experience. It also shows that you’re able to be independent and willing to take risks which will make you stand out as an applicant.


Best of luck with your future study abroad endeavors!