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5 Essential Tasks to Feel Accomplished During Social Isolation

As the Coronavirus continues to spread and self-quarantine/social isolation get longer, it’s essential that we try to achieve some level of normalcy in our lives. I’m on day two of official social isolation, and as an I’m already starting to go a little stir crazy. Although times are tough and uncertainty is in the air, we are all in this together and we will get through this. Here’s 5 things you can do each day to feel accomplished during social isolation:

1. Make your bed

It may seem silly and obvious to make your bed in the morning, but this is absolutely essential during days when you aren’t leaving the house. Making your bed when you wake up is a way to start your day and force you to get up for at least a little while.

2. Get Dressed

For a few days, it may be nice to lounge around in your pajamas and binge Netflix, but as social isolation gets longer, it’s important to change out of our sweatpants and at least put on leggings or jeans. This again will help to add a sense of normalcy to your life and make you feel like you’re doing something with your day.

3. Get outside and go for a walk or run

Social isolation doesn’t necessarily mean you can never leave your house. Obviously if you’re sick or don’t feel well, stay inside. However, it is perfectly okay to go for a walk or run outside to get some fresh air and clear your head. As long as you’re staying 6 feet away from other people, this is okay!

4. Complete at least one task

Whether it’s a school assignment, something for work, or just cleaning that one drawer in your desk, getting something checked off your to-do list will help to make you feel accomplished.

5. Make contact with someone

If you live with another person, try to have a conversation with them. Joke, tell stories, laugh. These are still so important for our mental health during this time. If you live alone, facetime your family or best friends and talk about anything. Social interaction is still necessary during social isolation.

During this challenging time, it’s important to recognize the things that aren’t canceled. You can still listen to music. You can still read good books. You can still laugh with your friends and family. You can still get fresh air and exercise. Hang in there, this too shall pass!




Tori is a junior nursing major at Belmont University. Throughout her life, she has had a passion for writing. Although she chose to pursue a career in nursing, she still wants to tell stories and hone in on her craft. During her free time, Tori enjoys spin class, exploring coffeeshops in Nashville, and organizing events with her sorority.
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