12 Thoughts From the Last Month of College: As Told by 'Friends'


The last month of college can be quite a rollercoaster ride. Here's how it looks as told by "Friends". 


1. Making the most out of going out the last few times. 


2. When your professor starts talking about studying for the final exam.


3. Realizing you’ll have to say bye to all of your friends soon.


4. Mentally preparing yourself for home cooked meals all summer.


5. Realizing you “forgot” to start working on getting that bikini body for vacation.


6. When you start studying for finals but realize you don’t remember anything you’ve learned all semester.


7. Finally getting the courage to talk to the person you’ve been eyeing all semester.


8. Remembering all the good times you’ve had this past year.


9. Trying to study your notes from classes this semester.


10. Coming back to the dorm each day of finals week.


11. Realizing how much you’ve learned the past year.


12. Knowing that you get to do it all again next year after an amazing summer!


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