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10 Things I Realized the Summer Before Freshman Year

1. You’ll Lose Friends

            When it comes to friendships, college changes things. You might not stay in touch with some people, and that’s okay. Not everyone you meet in high school is meant to stay in your life forever. You’ll always have those memories tucked away, but you can always make new ones with new people as well.


2. True Friends Will Stick with You

            On the bright side, your true friends will make an effort to stay in touch (and thanks to social media, it’s not hard to do). Those two or three super close friends of yours are likely to support you no matter how far away you are. What a relief, right?

                                                                                                         (Photo by Gianne Karla Tolentino courtesy of Pexels)

3. You Probably Shouldn’t Look for Relationships

            Unless you’ve been in a serious, long-term relationship, it’s probably not wise to start one. Unfortunately, this is a similar situation to number 1: some people simply won’t stay. It’s hard to hear, but that summer fling of yours might be just that. Distance can be too much sometimes. However, who’s going to stop you from taking the chance? You do you. And if things didn’t work out between you and that special someone? Don’t worry, there’s always new opportunities in college. Plus, starting college is super stressful, so don’t worry if you aren’t in a relationship. Take some time for yourself!


4. Moving is Exciting…and Scary…and Sad

            You are finally moving out of your house! You can’t wait to decorate your dorm, and the thought of meeting new people is totally exciting. All these new adventures await and you couldn’t be more thrilled. Until you realize you are now an adult and have to do things on your own. You have to move out of your house?? You can’t leave your perfectly comfortable bed for an extra-long twin. And your dogs? Leaving them makes you want to cry. Saying goodbye to friends and family is the worst. Packing? That’s way too stressful. What if you forget something? You can’t just choose what to bring; it ALL has to come with you. What do you mean I’m on my own?! AHHHHHH.


5. You’ll Miss High School

            Even though you won’t want to admit it, there are some things you are going to miss about high school. You won’t see the same people every day like you have for the past four years (which, in some cases, may be a good thing). You’ll be walking different hallways and going to multiple buildings. You’ll start to miss all the teachers that have made an impact in your life. While you’re glad to be out of high school, you’re probably going to feel nostalgic regardless.


6. It’s Okay If You Don’t Know

            Even at this point in time, you might not know what you want to do with your life. And that’s okay. College is about trying new things and really discovering yourself. It might be good to have an idea, but you don’t have to have the next ten years of your life figured out. Plus, your major will most likely change over the next few years. Just work hard, find something you love, and it’ll all fall into place eventually.


7. Spend Time with the People You Love

            Though you may be ready to move out on your own, it’s times like these that make you realize just how much you love the people in your life. The summer before college is the best time to spend time with your family and friends. They’re going to miss you so much and spending time with them will make them feel so special. Your heart and theirs will be so full.

                                                                                                         (Photo by Pixabay courtesy of Pexels)

8. Spend Time Doing What You Love

            This is similar to number 7, only instead of taking time for others, you should take time for yourself. Do what you love. Go hiking. Read a good book. Go on a road trip. Do all of the things you wished you could do but never did. Take advantage of your free time that you didn’t have in high school. There is no time like the present. Make it a summer to remember.


9. Soak in and Enjoy Every Moment

            Walk the hallways of your high school one last time. Try something new in your home town. Go out with friends. Stay in with your family. Spend more time with your pets. Take these last few chances to have fun and enjoy yourself! It’ll be a while before you can do these things again.

                                                                                                         (Photo by Adrianna Calvo courtesy of Pexels)

10. Nerves are Normal

            Nerves are a completely normal reaction to moving away. However, you shouldn’t let them stand in the way of the amazing adventures that lie ahead. Prepare yourself however you need to. Inhale. Exhale. Relax. Brace yourself for the craziness that is college. A lot of things are changing, but most of them for the good.


This summer has given me a lot of time to think, and hopefully I’m not alone. Though it’s sad, I’m ready to begin a fresh chapter this fall. Get ready, Belmont. I’m coming for you!

Bailey Sykes, a fiery redhead from Tennessee, joined Her Campus Belmont this fall. She loves reading and writing; she is super excited to be a part of this community! She enjoys all things beauty, fashion, and social media. Though she is currently undeclared, she hopes there is a place for writing in her future.
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