10 Music Artists You Need to Know

Before coming to school in the fall, my parents gave me the stereo that had been in our house for as long as I can remember. It had primary been the way we played music, and bringing it with me to Belmont was a sentimental reminder of home. Upon arriving in my dorm, I eagerly set it up on my desk for display.

Coming to Belmont, I expected countless numbers of people to be familiar with all aspects of music. However, I can not tell you how many people came into my room and asked me what the object on my desk was. Upon the initial shock and explanation that it was a stereo, majority would nod their head and respond, “Ok, that’s what I thought.” Despite this, I was in awe at how many people felt foreign toward an object that I was so familiar with. Things got worse though... much much worse.

Maybe my expectations for Belmont were too high, or maybe I was not hanging around the right people, but what came after the stereo fiasco was music itself.

I started playing this game with my friends that never failed to make me cringe in disappointment. I’d play a song by a well-established, classic artist, and to my shock, my friends never knew who the artist or band was.

So my fellow Bruins, it’s time to study up. You can’t go to a music school and not know who some of the most influential artists in the music industry have been. Below is my list of ten artists you should at least recognize when their song comes on. Granted, there are way more than just ten classic artists you should know (and no, I am not including The Beatles or Elvis, because if you don’t know them by now, you’re doomed), but you’ll at least earn my respect if you identify the following in no particular order:


1. Bob Dylan

Song you should know: “Like a Rolling Stone”

My Recommendation: “Blowin’ in the Wind”


2. Nirvana

Song You Should Know: “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

My Recommendation: “All Apologies”


3. The Rolling Stones

Song You Should Know: “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”

My Recommendation: “Beast of Burden”


4. Aretha Franklin

Song You Should Know: “Respect”

My Recommendation: “I Say a Little Prayer”


5. Elton John

Song You Should Know: “Tiny Dancer”

My Recommendation: “Rocket Man”


6. Radiohead

Song You Should Know: “Creep”

My Recommendation: “Reckoner”


7. Queen

Song You Should Know: “Bohemian Rhapsody”

My Recommendation: “Don’t Stop Me Now”


8. The Notorious B.I.G / 2Pac (Tupac Shakur)

It didn’t feel right putting one on the list and leaving out the other…

Songs You Should Know: The Notorious B.I.G – “Juicy”

                                         2Pac – “Changes”

My Recommendations: The Notorious B.I.G – “Big Poppa”

                                     2Pac – “California Love”


9. Bob Marley

Song You Should Know: “No Woman, No Cry”

My Recommendation: “I Shot the Sheriff”


10. Johnny Cash

Song You Should Know: “Ring of Fire”

My Recommendation: “Hurt”