10 Movie Soundtracks for Intense Studying

If you’re like me, when you study you listen to music in order to block out background noise but are distracted by music with lyrics. The solution? Movie soundtracks. A good movie soundtrack complements the onscreen action without distracting from it, and the same goes for a study soundtrack: you want it to keep you focused and not detract from your work. Listen to these ten intense movie soundtracks to get the most out of your study session and make even homework seem epic. For best results, use headphones and don’t click shuffle--listen to the albums in order for a cohesive sound. Now, go hit the books!

Dunkirk- Hans Zimmer

The ticking clock will remind you that you’re on a schedule and you don’t have time to procrastinate.

Arrival-Johann Johannsson

This soundtrack keeps you on your toes with its humming variety of sound.

Inception- Hans Zimmer

Get ready to go deep into studiousness, so deep you’re studying within studying.

Pacific Rim- Ramin Djawadi

Gritty and upbeat: perfect for making you feel industrious.

The Dark Knight Rises-Hans Zimmer

Is homework the Bane of your existence? Gear up and get ready to kick homework’s butt, vigilante style.

Moon-Clint Mansell

Dynamic enough to keep you focused, but overall more soothing than soundtracks like The Dark Knight Rises or Dunkirk.

Interstellar- Hans Zimmer

Are you hurtling through the galaxy or writing a paper?

Tron: Legacy-Daft Punk

Jam out to this orchestral piece laced with electronic influence.

The Da Vinci Code-Hans Zimmer

This soundtrack will ebb between being really quiet and really loud, so it’s good if you need to stay awake.

Logan- Marco Beltrami

Get your claws out and slash everything off of your to do list!

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