Your Newest Favorite Fragrance Is At The DRUGSTORE

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

If I told you one of my newest favorite fragrances is at the drugstore would you believe me?


Katy Perry’s Indi is in Walgreens stores and we are HERE for it.


So when you think drugstore perfume, you may think of a scent that smells overpowering or faint, with no in between. Katy Perry’s INDI is all about celebrating individuality and this perfume gives off a unique vanilla scent. This perfume is perfect for the collegiate who needs a more mature scent in her fragrance collection.


Let’s be honest, our lives have been blessed by Katy Perry’s musical talent. What would we do without bangers like “Last Friday Night,” “Teenage Dream,” and we cannot forget Left Shark. Right?


So why did I fall in love with a fragrance by this pop icon?


Described as a “eleven different musks that blend beautifully with top notes of white tea, Italian bergamot, and white cedarwood,” I like to think of it as the mature scent I need to escalate my daily routine.


At under $25 for a perfume and under $8 for a body spray, why not try something new? Also, the packaging is black and white with a gold spray detail.

Be sure to check out Katy Perry’s INDI,  use the hashtag #WhatMakesYouIndi on social media and let us know how you celebrate your individuality!