Yay, Black Friday!

The time has come that I have been waiting all year for. Forget about Thanksgiving, it is Black Friday! Yes, as a junior in college I still squeal at the excitement of driving to the mall at midnight, waiting in line, and running around to swoop in on those Black Friday deals. Since I have been going Black Friday shopping for years, here are a few tips that have helped me make my Black Friday shopping trip a success: 

1. Make a list. 

As an impulse shopper, I have found that making and sticking to my list is super important. With all the deals going on, you do not want to come home with something you did not need or will never use. Great prices can blur the lines between wanting and needing. Therefore, making a list will help you keep your eyes on what you need versus what you want. 

2. Stick to the deals. 

The whole point of Black Friday is the deals. However, just because it is Black Friday does not mean all stores will be having deals. If you walk into a store that is not having a deal, WALK OUT. Don’t waste your time buying full price things because it is a possibility that the same store will have sales on Cyber Monday. In addition, if you waste your time shopping in a store with no deals, you could potentially miss out on a store with great ones that are only for Black Friday. So remember, stick to the deals. 

3. Hold onto your receipt. 

This is probably the most important tip. While you are in the midst of all the Black Friday chaos, place all your receipts in one spot to keep track of them. Sometimes with all the sleep deprived craziness, you may buy something that could be broken, a size too small, or just ugly (this has happened way too many times to me). To ensure your Black Friday fun does not turn into a Black Friday disaster, hold onto your receipts. 

4. Have someone wait in line for you. 

There is no hiding that the checkout lines on Black Friday are super long. If you are clothing shopping with friends, take turns in line with your friends between the checkout line and the dressing room. I do this all the time. One friend will wait in line while I try on the clothes in the changing room and then we will switch places. This helps save time so that you can move onto the next store. 

5. Remember to have fun! 

Black Friday was not intended as a bitter war over a half price toaster oven at Walmart. It was intended as quality bonding between your family and friends in your pajamas at midnight running around like maniacs. These are supposed to be funny memories to look back on, so have fun. Leave your bad attitude at home. 


And hey, if you are not up for the crowds or sleep deprivation, you can always wait until Cyber Monday. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Black Friday shopping!