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Words and Phrases People Don’t Use Anymore

Are you a fan of those Throwback Thursdays, Flashback Fridays, yadda yadda yadda? Did you notice what I did there? Seriously though, when was the last time you heard someone say, “yadda yadda yadda?” When did we gradually decide these phrases are out and ones like “clutch” and “rage” are in? In an effort to revisit my awkward teen years and make you feel old, I’m going to take you through all of the awkward words and phrases we once used.

  • Crunk: This is one of those words that you completely forgot existed. But now that you’ve heard it again you almost want to bring it back just because it’s so absolutely amazing and embarrassing to say at the same time. “Crunk” refers to the state of being crazy drunk. So some literary prodigy put the two words together and came up with crunk because there’s a huge difference between getting drunk and getting crunk!
  • Oh my Lanta!: Did you ever use this phrase? Because I most certainly didn’t. According to Urban Dictionary, this phrase comes from the popular 90s show, Full House. It is used to refer to surprise. I feel like if I ever used this phrase with friends, they would just think I’m talking with my mouth full.
  • Psych!: I wish I had caught onto this term earlier. Maybe I wasn’t a hip enough youngster. But anyway, this term is used when you want to prank someone. For example, I could try to convince my parents that I’m getting a face tattoo. Then, as they are about to disown me, I can yell, “psych! Got you guys good!” Why would I ever want to do this? I couldn’t tell you…
  • Phat: You think the moment your boyfriend tells you look “fat” in your jeans is the day you need to break up with him. Think again, ladies. Because I think he was simply telling you that you look “phat” in those jeans. In other words, he’s trying to tell you that those jeans make you look like a B0$$!
  • Getty: It seems like forever since someone used this word but it’s something pretty relevant in the life of the average college student. A getty is a small get-together with just your friends (AKA no randos). It’s bigger than just hanging out, but smaller than a party. In today’s world you would call it a kickback or even a pregame.
  • Burn: People used to say this after someone had been badly insulted or told off. It was very popular on That 70s Show. In fact, enjoy this video clip of Michael Kelso (played by Ashton Kutcher) saying “burn!
  • Your mom!: This insult tended to be more popular with the guys, but I had to include it. People used to use it at the end of comments or questions. For example, I could say, “Wow that dress is ugly.” And my friend could respond with, “Your mom is ugly.” It never seems to end very well for either party involved.

It’s always interesting to revisit the past. Because when you do, you realize there are some things you left there that maybe you want back. But then again, it also makes you realize that things stay in the past for a reason. Until then, peace out girl scout!


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