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Why Walsh is the Best Sophomore Dorm

Attention all rising sophomores: Did you get a later 8-man pick time? Did you get a quad on the second day? Or maybe you didn’t get either of those, regardless, this applies to you all. Whatever your situation, I’m going to tell you why Walsh is the best sophomore dorm on this campus! So get excited for next year ladies and gentlemen because you are about to have the best time!

  1. You won’t have to leave the building on weekends

There has not been a weekend when I HAD to leave Walsh to go somewhere else for the night. Have I left, yes, but I did not need to. The other plus of not leaving is not having to worry about a coat in the winter. How many of you have been a victim of having your coat stolen from a Walsh party? Probably a couple of you, but fear not if you live in Walsh, as that will no longer be in issue. Can you imagine how nice it will be to go from one floor to the next without having to worry about where you put your fracket?

  1. Swiping in

Only sophomores can swipe into Walsh, but past a certain time on weekends only Walsh sophomores can swipe in. Have you ever stood in the entrance of Walsh waiting for that one Walsh resident to let you in so you can get to that awesome party on whatever floor you may be going to? Do you ever think to yourself, “Wow that person is so lucky to live in Walsh. They are so cool.” Yea we are cool, and don't worry you will be too… one day young one, one day.

  1. Right next to the Mods

Also another positive: the proximity to the Mods. We all know the Mods are known for their ability to throw down. Were you ever invited to a Mod party, but didn’t want to make the trek from Newton? Not an issue anymore as the closest Mod (Strip Mod) is about 50 yards away.

  1. Close to the Plex

Well after your weekend of fun, it’s probably time to hit the Plex. The closeness of the Plex motivates you to go, as now you have no excuse to skip leg day. Now I know, Upper folk you are probably thinking, well it’s so far from me, it’s just so hard to motivate myself. I know, the life we live here is difficult, but as a Walsh resident you are the closest to the Plex, so no more excuses. Get your booty to the Plex, it’s right there!

  1. One of the oldest buildings on campus

Something that I love about Walsh is how old it is. I know, a weird thing to say, but here is my reason. When My dad, aunts, uncle, etc. went to BC in the 80’s they called Walsh, “New Dorm.” Hard to believe, but yes Walsh was once the nice building on campus. My family members talk about the great memories they had in Walsh, and it's really cool to make my own memories where at one point my dad was too. Another plus to Walsh being old is that people don’t really care about the cleanliness of their 8-mans. Refer to #1 for the benefits.  

  1. Closest dorm to the Res

One of the best parts about BC is how close it is to the Res. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to the Res for a run, a walk with my roommates, a walk to clear my head, or to sit at the benches and just relax. I definitely did it multiple times freshman year, but I’ve done it so many more times this year. Walsh is the closest dorm to the Res, so I can go whenever I want without it taking up too much of my day.

If this doesn’t make you excited to live in Walsh next year then I don’t know what will! Enjoy Walsh, rising sophomores. I am jealous you get to live here next year. Treat it well (not in the literal sense).

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