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Why I’m Addicted to Target



It’s no secret that I love Target probably more than any normal person should, and I’m sure that if you asked my friends and family, they would most definitely agree.  Something about it just makes me happy and I would be more than content to spend at least two hours shopping in every department just because I can.  Call me crazy, because I definitely am.  For the sake of your interest and my sanity, I will narrow this article down to the five reasons why Target is the best store ever.

1)    Starbucks

Most Targets have Starbucks built inside of them.  What else do you need in life besides Starbucks and Target?  It’s like the world’s perfect marriage and basically ensures that you never have to leave… like ever.  Also, getting Starbucks before shopping is vital to having the stamina necessary to tackle the entire store in one afternoon.


2)    Clothes. Shoes. Repeat.

I often find tons of really cute clothes for super reasonable prices at Target, especially when they have popular designers such as Missoni, Jason Wu, and most recently, Neiman Marcus, who create lines for them.  For someone like me who gets sick of a shirt after wearing it three times, it’s definitely not feasible to be spending a lot of money at one time, and I feel like they always have cute basics for any girl’s wardrobe.  Also, their shoes are amazing, mostly because they are generally knock-offs are more expensive designer’s shoes which is great for someone who is on a budget but still likes to be trendy.  Chances are, once you find the perfect outfit, you will head over and then find the perfect shoes.  This cycle does become dangerous when your entire cart is full after only ten minutes (maybe that’s just me).

3)    Monster trail mix

One of Target’s best kept secrets is their huge selection of amazing trail mixes.  They have every flavor combination under the sun which makes it easy to find something that you will definitely love.  My personal favorite is the monster trail mix, which has M&Ms and peanut butter chips (obviously amazing).  They also have great granola flavors as well.

4)    Accessories

Between purses, necklaces, headbands, and nail polish, I am always sure to spend at least $25 dollars on things that I don’t really need, but obviously can’t stand to live without.  I probably have more accessories from Target than I care to admit, but hey, why not buy twice as much when they’re half the cost?

5)    The dollar section

A little before every holiday, Target restocks their dollar section with a bunch of stuff that is obviously vital to my life (July 4th tumblers, Easter notepads, and St. Patrick’s day headbands anyone?).  While I usually wind up using these items once or twice, I can justify it with the fact that they were only a dollar.  Plus I get to decorate my room for holidays without breaking the bank, and then I can spend more on clothes, shoes, and accessories.

A little piece of advice for all of you Target newbies, if you’re trying to not spend money on things that you don’t need, quit while you’re ahead and don’t step inside those red automatic doors.  Because once you do, there’s no way to escape without spending at least $50, trust me I know.


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