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Why I Love Just Love Me Jewelry

I have to admit, I am borderline obsessed with cute, trendy, and affordable jewelry.  Lucky for me, the Just Love Me jewelry and accessory collection is all that!  Keep reading to find out more about these unique and stunning pieces!



The Just Love Me brand launched last year with a summer boutique in Nantucket and an online presence at www.justloveme.com.  Each piece is designed and manufactured in the US by a Boston-based team with a style-savvy eye for what is on-trend and cool.  JLM also has a number of wholesale accounts in the Boston area, so you are also likely to see some of their collection in the boutiques of Beacon Hill and around the city!


Now, on to the good stuff!  This jewelry is to die for!  If only I had more cash, I would seriously buy every single item on their website.  The collection is “inspired by beautiful people and beautiful places all over the globe” and is organized into destinations named after some of the most fabulous cities around the world—Paris, New York, Miami, Barcelona, Toronto, Cote D’Azur, London, Nantucket, Hamptons, St. Barts, and Tokyo.  My personal favorites are the various “Nantucket” collection bracelets and necklaces because they are absolutely perfect to match with my favorite BC preppy look.  However, even if you aren’t a Sperry-wearing, J Crew maniac like I am, you are still certain to find something you’ll “just love.”  The collection is wonderfully curated and filled with both staple pieces and statement pieces without being overwhelming. Believe me when I say that each and every item would make a fabulous addition to any collegiette’s uniform!



Okay, enough of my blabbing!  It’s time to check out Just Love Me for yourself!  Follow this link to see what they have to offer, but be warned… this site is not only addicting but also a sure way to blow your last paycheck (http://www.justloveme.com/). But, hey, who can blame a girl?  Trust me when I say I “just love” this jewelry.


Really like what you see?  Don’t forget to check out many signature pieces of the Just Love Me jewelry collection in person at the HC BC Fashion Show on April 25th in the Rat!  JLM will be donating a bunch of jewelry for the show, raffling off a $150 gift card, and tossing in some of their awesomely comfortable hair ties (trust me…they are AMAZING!) in all the swag bags.  Could not be more excited!  See you all there!





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