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Why Having a Triple Isn’t as Bad as You Think

It’s finally summer and you’ve committed to Boston College. All of your worries are gone and you begin to prepare for next year, where you’ll be moving to a new place and finding a new set of friends. As you pick out your bedding and select the school supplies you’ll need, there’s still one thing left to find out: your roommate. You start to wonder what they’ll be like and whether you will have anything in common with them. The anxiously awaited email from Agora finally arrives, telling you your roommate assignment is available, and you drop everything to check, probably looking like this:

That’s when you see it: not one name, but two. You have a triple.

The day I found out that I had a triple, I wasn’t sure what to expect. How was I going to deal with two separate sleep schedules? Where was I going to put all of my belongings? Two months in, I’m here to tell you why having a triple isn’t the worst thing in the world.

You automatically know one more person.

Everyone knows that it’s natural to feel anxious upon moving in to college; it’s a totally different setting, you probably don’t know that many people, if any, and you’re leaving behind everything you’ve ever known. While a triple may seem intimidating, it is a hidden blessing: you now know two people who can introduce you to their circle of friends. Though not everyone will become best friends with the girls they room with, it makes the first few weeks that much easier since you can connect not only with your roommates, but with their friends as well. They’ll also most likely introduce you to unknown clubs and activities on campus, and encourage you to join with them. The best way to meet new people and to make your mark in college is by becoming involved, and what better way to do that than with a friend.

You have so much extra space

The amount of space you have is great not only for storing all of your beloved sweaters and shoes, but for having people over as well. One of the easiest ways to transition into school is simply having people over to hang out. Since you have the room, take advantage of hosting movie nights or playing Just Dance as a study break. Doubles don’t have the space to fit that many people, but a triple certainly does. 

You have a built-in study group

Typically, freshmen will have similar courses and therefore have to study for the same type of tests. With a triple, you not only have a great resource to look towards for helping you prep for your tests, but a support system as well. When you’re all going through the stress of midterms, it’s such a nice thing to have two other people experiencing that as well. Even better, you can all reward yourselves with takeout and a Netflix marathon.

So, if you see that you have a triple, don’t assume the worst. By then end of the year, this will be you:

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