Why Everyone Should Enjoy Poetry

“Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?” This is a line of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18, and chances are that you’ve heard it before. Even if you haven’t, I can guarantee that you’ve heard or read other Shakespearean poetry, no matter if it’s in the form of his plays or a movie like Ten Things I Hate About You. Poetry is omnipresent in all of our lives. Whether you’re four or forty, chances are you know some poetry. There are so many different types of poetry, from odes and sonnets, to haikus and couplets, that there is sure to be something for everybody.

From One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish by Dr. Seuss

Poetry is Inspiring

Whenever I’m feeling down or overwhelmed, I like to turn to poetry. There is always a poem to pick you up when you’re feeling down, no matter if it’s by Dr. Seuss or by Emily Dickinson. There is simply something about poetry that can alter someone’s mood for the better. Find a poet who inspires you, and explore all that he or she has to bring to the table.

The Soul Should Always Stand Ajar (1055) by Emily Dickinson

Poetry is Expressive

Arguably the best part of poetry is that it is a form of expression. If you are reading poetry, finding a great poem that says exactly how you are feeling, even when you can’t describe it yourself, can be great. Writing poetry, though, is the ultimate form of expression. You can put down however you’re feeling in the most creative of ways in order to express yourself. It can be through rhyme schemes, or stanza and line forms, or word choices – the ways of expression are seemingly endless. Whenever you’re trying to figure out how you’re feeling, a great way to figure it out is by writing poetry, because the emotions just flow out onto the paper.

Poetry is Fun

Sometimes, poetry is written just for fun. It doesn’t need to have a deeper meaning – although most people will try their hardest to find one. If you’re in need of a pick me up, then grab a poem by someone like Shel Silverstein (no, he’s not just for kids!), and get reading. How could you not enjoy poetry that tells a story in an entertaining way? Even Dr. Seuss is fun for us Collegiettes, and that’s poetry at its finest. From elementary school to college and beyond, there will always be a type of poetry that is fun and entertaining for every single type of reader.

Was anybody else obsessed with these poems when they were younger?

Poetry can be so helpful in expressing yourself, inspiring you, and cheering you up. So go ahead and look up some poems to get started, or better yet, grab a piece of paper and a pen and start writing! Poetry is an open door to happiness.


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