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Why Collegiettes Love Game of Thrones

It’s Sunday at 9pm. My friends are all crowded around the TV, eyes glued to the screen. This night has been ten months in the making and everyone is silent as the opening credits begin. We haven’t been waiting for Pretty Little Liars or The Bachelor. Game of Thrones is back and winter is coming.

It’s no secret that Game of Thrones is an incredibly popular show, and its popularity on BC’s campus is no exception (have you seen Yik Yak lately?). Although many would say that Thrones is especially watched by a male audience, my female friends and I would disagree. Here are the top reasons why Collegiettes love GoT. (*Disclaimer: Unless you’re up to date with the current season, beware! Spoilers below.)

1.  The storyline in general

First and foremost, the plot of GoT is super enticing. From the first scene in the first episode of season one, I was hooked and HBO has not let me down since. What’s not to love? Warring families, dragons, White Walkers, and a good-looking cast to boot? I’m in.

2.   Jon Snow

Jon Snow might know nothing, but we all know you can’t help but love this guy. Covering up his insecurities about being the illegitimate son of Ned Stark (RIP) with a tough exterior and those curly black locks, it looks like Jon Snow’s storyline will be picking up in season four. And what about his ladylove Ygritte?! Any girl who can handle a bow and arrow like that gets props in my book.

3.  Daenerys Targaryen

What can we even say about the Mother of Dragons? We think it’s safe to say she is every girl’s idol. She has a crew of a couple thousand men ready to die for her, a handful of dragons at her side to help her take back the Iron Throne, wisdom beyond her years, and she’s stunning. Not a bad combination, Mhysa. Will this be the season that Dany finally makes her move on King’s Landing?

4.  Waiting for Joffrey to lose his head

Joffrey, Joffrey, Joffrey. Oh, how you’ve annoyed us for the past three seasons. Your voice is shrill, your snarl makes us nauseous, and we’re ready for you to exit stage left. The only person probably more unanimously hated is Walder Frey (the North will never forget). Now that you’re getting married, we hope that Margaery Tyrell can put you in your place. At least she seems like she has a straight head on her shoulders.

5.  The Wildlings

Based on the season four premiere, it looks like the wildlings of Mance Rayder’s army are going to be in full force this season. Tormund and Ygritte are back, but there’s a new clan on the scene, the Thenn, led by a seriously scarred up guy named Styr. These guys are pretty fearsome looking and admit to cannibalism, so it appears that we’ll have some violent scenes out of this crew.

6.  Arya and the Hound

It really feels like we’ve watched Arya grow up over the past three seasons. She started out as a little spitfire running around Winterfell, watched her father’s execution, escaped Harrenhal, and is now tearing up the countryside with the Hound, killing full grown men over disputes about chicken. Ok Arya, we see you. It seems like Melisandre’s prophecy about Arya is beginning to unfold. Also the Hound has really grown on us now that he’s openly against Joffrey and has taken Arya under his wing.

7.  The Stark family’s revenge

Ned – gone. Catelyn – gone. Robb – gone. The entire Stark army and a direwolf – gone. The Starks haven’t been doing so hot the last few seasons. We think it’s time to rally the (remaining) banner men, gather up the living Stark kids, and enact some serious Winterfell vengeance. Roose Bolton, we’re coming for you first.

8.  Tyrion

Everyone’s favorite, back-talking, quick-witted, short-statured Lannister is back in season four with his BFFs Bronn and Podrick by his side. We always love to see what clever schemes Tyrion can cook up and it already seems like this season Tyrion will have to spend a lot of time watching his back, between Joffrey (ugh) and newbie Oberyn Martell. Not to mention his love triangle with Shae and Sansa Stark, Tyrion has a lot on his plate this season.

9.  Melisandre

You know you love to hate her, but we still can’t get enough of her. We hate to admit it, but the Red Woman and her crazy voodoo magic prophecies have us hooked to her storyline. Will she really help Stannis in the upcoming war against what lies beyond the Wall, and ultimately, for the Iron Throne, or will she be his downfall, as Davos believes?

10.  The remaining storylines that have yet to be tied up

How is Theon Greyjoy holding up with Ramsay at the Dreadfort? What will happen to Jaime Lannister now that he is one hand short? Where is Gendry? Will Bran and Jojeen Reed be able to stop the White Walkers north of the Wall? Hodor? Sunday nights may be dark and full of terrors, but we can’t wait to see what George R. R. Martin has in store for us this season.









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