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Why BC Students Run the Boston Marathon


It’s no secret that Marathon Monday is one of the best, if not the best, day of the year.  And while most of the Boston College campus will be gearing up for day of partying, there are a select few who will be running the 26.2 miles and relishing in the cheers of their friends as they run past the Mile 21 Mark.  These BC runners come together almost every Sunday to train for the race on April 15th.  Their hard work and dedication is so inspiring.  Her Campus BC polled a few of the runners and asked, “Why are you running the Boston Marathon”.  These are their responses:

Emily B. ‘15: “I ran track in high school and I love running!  The marathon will be a great way to challenging myself.  Also, the Campus School is awesome and I”ve met really great people during Marathon training.”


Maggie S. ‘15:  “Because pain is temporary but glory is forever.”


Anson P. ’15: “I am running the Boston Marathon because I ran it last year and I am extremely dedicated to the mission of the Campus School, since I have a cousin with Down Syndrome.”


Anna F. ‘15: “I just want to say that I did it!”


Kyle C. ’13: “I’m running the marathon because it’s such an exciting feeling to have people cheering you on and supporting you the entire race.  Of course, the best part is getting to BC and seeing everyone you know on the sides of the road. I get so pumped up that I can’t even really describe it.  Everyone’s support is a testament to how awesome of a place BC is!”


Kate M. ’15: I want to run because I was inspired while watching the marathon last year.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to run a marathon past your school and have tons of your classmates cheering you on.


Bryan C ’15:  I run for the children and young adults at Campus School.  They deserve a school with facilities to accommodate their needs, and if my running can raise funds for them, I’ll do it for them. 



Make sure to cheer on your favorite runners on April 15th!  They’ve been working hard and need everyone’s support to make it past Mile 21!


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