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When Should Christmas Music Start? Part Two

Christmas is less than a month away! I’m beyond excited for it, and I have been listening to Christmas music since November 1st.

Christmas music is just too cheerful not to be enjoyed only during the week leading up to Christmas Day. Here are a few reasons why Christmas music should be played as soon as November starts.


Reason #1:


It’s joyful. Christmas music immediately brightens up my mood and makes everything much more enjoyable. No one can be unhappy while singing along to Mariah Carrey’s classic.



Reason #2:


Everyone knows it. There won’t be any awkwardness when you’re the only one who knows the lyrics because everyone knows them! Plus, they’re catchy.



Reason #3:


They come in all different genres. Classics have been remixed and are just as good as the originals. You can enjoy an old-timey Bing Crosby hit or Justin Bieber’s Mistletoe album.



Reason #4:


It’s a great de-stressor. Christmas music calms me and puts me in a relaxed mood. I don’t think of Christmas music without associating it with good times, which is great especially with the upcoming dreaded finals season.


Reason #5:


It gives you something to look forward to. Thanksgiving doesn’t have such a great repertoire of hits like Christmas does. It preps you for the upcoming season and gets you in the Christmas spirit!









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