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What You Should Get Your Guy for Christmas

Finally, it’s the holiday season!  December is probably one of my favorite months of the year solely because of the holiday cheer.  One thing I dislike about December is the pressure to give good gifts, which unfortunately I’m not so good at.  Guides for good gifting are extremely helpful, and I’ve been known to rely on them in the past.  With that being said, here is a gift-giving guide on what to give your guy!

                                                                                  Merry Christmas! 

1. Tickets to a sporting event

It’s no secret that most guys are sports fanatics.  So splurge on a couple of tickets to a game.  He’ll probably bring you, and he will really appreciate the gesture.  Just watch out if his fave team loses.

2. The latest gadget

What guy wouldn’t want the newest, best headphones on the market?  I’m convinced Apple comes out with something new every day, but look at websites like Best Buy in order to see what’s hot this season.

                                                                       All the sound around him = blocked out

3. Cologne

Girls will benefit from this just as much as guys will.  There’s nothing I love more than a good-smelling guy.

4. Clothes

Guys don’t shop nearly as much as girls do, and he will appreciate any addition to his wardrobe.  Plus, clothes are one of the most practical items to give as a gift.

                                                               Now he’ll look like Justin Timberlake! 

5. Anything that reminds him of you

No matter what it is, he will always think of you when he uses or looks at it.  Guaranteed.

What’s the best advice I can give you about guy gift-giving?  I just asked a bunch of them what they wanted, and these are straight from their mouths:

  • Alcohol
  • Cool BC gear (you can never get enough)
  • Money
  • Watch
  • Athletic swag from his favorite sports team
  • Tickets to a concert of his favorite singer/group
  • Video games
  • Favorite movie or multiple seasons of his favorite show
  • A puppy
  • Netflix subscription for six months or a year
  • Plan a fun day full of outside activities

This list is guaranteed to make your guy happy!  I may or may not have already used one of these ideas… 


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