What to Wear Going out in Winter

Want to hit the town on thirsty Thursday in the middle of winter but find yourself sitting in your closet staring at the hung up clothes with zero idea on what to wear? Yeah, same. Every weekend in the winter I have this dilemma on deciding what to wear. I want to look cute but not freeze my a** off waiting in line at a bar or walking to my friend's off campus house. I feel like I am always wearing the same long sleeve black bodysuit and need to spice it up. If you have this same problem keep reading and hopefully I can give you some inspiration on what to wear for a fun night out with your friends! 

1. Leather/ Suede Jacket! 

If you go to a school where it is freezing in the winter you must invest in a leather or suede jacket. OR BOTH! I am constantly picking at these staples in my closet because they provide some warmth but also are so cute to wear to a bar. They add edginess with the metal details and are so mature looking. Also, you can get away with wearing the same black bodysuit underneath and no one would know. My favorite places to shop these jackets are BlankNYC, Zara, REVOLVE, and Nastygal.

2. Black booties

A comfortable pair of booties are a must for dressing to go out in the winter. You can buy a pair with or without heels depending on your style or the occasion. I love heeled booties because they give me height and dress up the outfit a little more if I am going to a bar. Booties are perfect because they keep your feet warm if you wear them with socks!

Check out:


Steve Madden

3. Fun/printed pants 

I always struggle to switch up what I wear on the bottom. I wear my black jeans almost way to often but what I found spices up an outfit is a fun pair of pants. You definitely won’t have the option of wearing shorts or skirts in 20 degree weather so I would invest in either a pair of leather pants or cheetah pants or red pants! Express, Lulus and Nordstrom are my favorite places to shop for affordable, spunky pants!

4. Sweater Bodysuits

This next clothing item might sound strange but definitely a must to have in your wardrobe. Bodysuits are so cute to wear but for the winter the best one are sweater! There are actually a lot of styles that are long sleeve like off the shoulder, or one shoulder or turtleneck. Bodysuits are very mature and clean looking because they look perfectly tucked into a pair of pants. I do recommend having a couple staple black long sleeve bodysuits or white or grey that you can wear with a funky jacket or jewelry; however, down below I linked some adorable sweater bodysuits that are very comfy and cute.





These are all pieces that are essential when navigating nightlife in a cold climate. My top three outfits ideas are black jeans, a body suit with a suede/jackets; leather leggings with a striped oversized sweater; sweater bodysuit tucked into cheetah pants. I pair all my outfits with my booties in the winter! I hope I eased some of your outfit stresses for the next time you hit the town and saved you some time.