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What We Say, What Guys Think We Say, and What We Really Mean

In girl world, yes doesn’t always mean yes, no always means no, and maybe means no. Confusing, huh? Well, not for us girls. We know exactly what we mean, but guys don’t. This can cause communication problems between you and your man. It is important that we are aware what we say isn’t always what we mean. And we especially can’t expect guys to actually think about what we’re saying and not accept it at face value. Women are complex beings. We tend to read way more into things than men do. Men just don’t understand. It’s just how we operate.

So here are the possible confusions that you and your man may encounter and their translations:

What I said: Take out the garbage please.
What he thinks I said: You can take out the garbage whenever you get a chance, and if not, I’ll do it.
What I really meant: Take it out now. The smell is making me sick.

What I said: I’m okay, really.
What he thinks I said: I’m okay. I’m not mad.
What I really meant: I need you. Talk to me please.

What I said: I should go.
What he thinks I said: Bye. I have to go shower and talk about you to my friends.
What I really meant: I don’t want to overstay my welcome. Please tell me to stay a little longer. That will tell me that you’re definitely into me.

What I said: I don’t mind paying.
What he thinks I said: I’ll pay for this one. Don’t worry about it. You pay most of the time anyway.
What I really meant: I still want you to pay. I’m just being polite and generous.

What I said: You don’t have to get me a gift.
What he thinks I said: I already have so many things so you really don’t need to get me anything.
What I really meant: I want a gift. I won’t be upset if you don’t get me one, but it shows me how much you care about me.

What I said: I’m gonna have a snack.
What he’s thinking: Ooh that sounds good. Me too. Chips sound great.
What I really meant: I just want some chocolate and ice cream and chocolate (did I say that already?)

What I said: I’ll be ready in five minutes.
What he’s thinking: She’ll just be five minutes so I’ll wait in the car.
What I really meant: (Twenty minutes later)… I need five more minutes!

What I said: I’m leaving, but feel free to stay.
What he thinks I said: Stay. Have a good time. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.
What I really meant: I want to leave and I want you to come with me.

What I said: Does this make me look fat?
What he’s thinking: Hmmm let me see…
What I really meant: Just tell me I look beautiful.

What I said: What do you like about me?
What he’s thinking: Hahaha. That’s a joke, right?
What I really meant: I’m not feeling too good about myself. Cheer me up by telling me how awesome I am.

What I said: So you’ll call me tomorrow, right?
What he says: Yeah, sure.
What he’s thinking: Maybe I’ll call her. Maybe I won’t. Whatever. It’s totally chill.
What I really meant: If you don’t call me I will obsess about it all day for a week. Please call me. Please.

What I said: Do what you want.
What he’s thinking: I’m a big boy and I will make my own decisions.
What I really meant: You’re gonna pay for this later.


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