What Needs to Happen in Princess Diaries 3

If you haven’t heard the INCREDIBLE news, Princess Diaries 3 is confirmed, and I am fully geeking out. Being my top favorite childhood movies (even once thinking that Genovia was a real country) needless to say, I have high expectations for the third. Here is what needs to happen in the film to ease the mind of my younger self:

1. Bring back Michael: I couldn’t have been the only one that was uneasy with Michael suddenly being ditched in the sequel. I’m going to need and M&M pizza to make up for it.

2. Queen Clarisse is STILL INVOLVED and married to Joseph: Although Mia is officially Queen, I will turn off the TV if there is no Julie Andrews (who is still married to beloved bodyguard Joseph).


3. Raven-Symoné is back as a key character: Mia needs a mattress surfing partner anyway.

4. Mia and Nicholas are married: The end of the second film ended without a definite yes or no as to whether Mia and Nicholas were together.  Not sure if this more of my love for Chris Pine, but a happy royal couple seems like the necessary backdrop for any plot to take place.


5. Fat Louis is still kicking it: I know cats have 9 lives, so let’s hope Louis is able to make it to the third film.

6. Lily is still her best friend: Everyone loves Mia’s quirky bff, and I would love for her to have her own wing in the castle.

Long live Genovia!