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What Do You Mean?

No, this is not an article on Justin Bieber’s newest hits. This is to share some insight into the mysterious meanings behind guy’s texts. How often are you left staring at your phone, reading too far into that few word message? As girls, we tend to not actually say what we mean for fear that we may be judged by others. We assume boys do not share their true feelings. Is this true? Do boys text with a double meaning or are we just thinking too much about this? After enlisting the help of a close guy friend, here are a few common texts that all boys send, and what they are really trying to say.


What girls think it means: Girls will always take this to mean the worst. Thinking he’s either rude or uninterested, I don’t know many girls who will keep trying after they get a couple k’s.

What boys actually mean: A one-letter text is typically not a great sign. He could just be busy or he could be uninterested in the conversation.  Don’t take this too serious, but don’t start asking a million questions to try to keep the conversation going.


“haha cool”

What girls think it means: It appears that there isn’t a lot of thought behind this, so girls will often assume that they are being blown off.

What boys actually mean:  As opposed to “k” there is a bit of personality behind this. They are either amused by what you said or are agreeing with you. This may seem like a dud, but don’t let it kill the conversation.

“Sorry just saw this”

What girls think it means: How girls interpret this depends on the guy and the situation. For the most part we know everyone is busy and not always glued to their phones, but that doesn’t stop the worst possible situation from crossing our minds.

What boys actually mean: They were most likely in class, in a meeting or asleep. Plus, they are apologizing for not responding earlier, so you can almost always forgive him for this one.


**No response**

What girls think it means: Girls will typically think they said something stupid, or the guy is not interested in them. Nine times out of ten you end up upset with yourself or angry with him.

What boys actually mean: According to one BC boy, he never actually means to ignore you. He is trying to think of what to say and then just ends of forgetting until he happens to see it again. To be honest, I am guilty of this one all the time.






Taylor is a Junior at Boston College, majoring in Economics and minoring in English. When not writing articles for Her Campus BC, she can be found at BCMUN meetings, volunteering in the Admissions office, or taking classes at the Plex.